Why Become A Developer In Australia

Software is eating the world. And programmers are serving it up.

It’s one of the most exciting, rewarding, and world changing jobs you can take on board. It’s a lot more than a career, in fact. For some of the world’s absolute rockstar developers it becomes almost a way of life.

There’s so many reasons to focus on building out your skills in development and software engineering. And every single one of them would be enough on its own.

Developers are in demand.

If you ask any tech company here what they need – the answer is simple. If you ask any startup founder or entrepreneur, they want the same thing. They want the most important part of he puzzle for every single app, every platform and every billion dollar unicorn.

Australia needs developers.

When we talk about the brain drain – that’s what we mean.

There’s not enough software engineers and programmers and developers to support a nation that wants to innovate and build. In fact, there’s a huge shortage.

This means that job placement is going to be easier than ever in a crowded and crazy job market. There are more startups and tech focused companies coming up every single year who will need your skills. But even more importantly, every single corporate out there is moving into tech faster and faster, and they can provide job security, above average salaries and incredible benefits for the qualified engineer or developer who is ready to take that leap!

There’s variety. It’s not a daily drone.

You could work on an almost endless variety of projects. From oil rigs to mining to a billion dollar ride sharing app. You could work on iPhone apps, Android apps, early warning defence systems or meal delivery interfaces. You could design software that literally saves lives. You could design software that literally saves the world.

Being a developer doesn’t mean sitting in a cubicle and typing out lines of code. It’s about analysing multiple problems and finding the right answer. It’s about puzzles, formulas, and how to break both. It’s about the challenge of solving things that just 100 years ago would have been thought to be unsolvable.

If you have a mind that questions, or a mind that wants to be challenged, becoming a developer is the way to embrace that.

You’re building the future.

We remember the names of the first people on the moon, sure. But they’re not the ones who made it happen. Some of the most important people on the team at NASA were the computer scientists, software engineers and programmers who built the tools, worked out every variable and operated the mission. With a new space agency being created in Australia today, that’s a good starting point.

But the good news is, that’s never changed, either. Software developers are still the ones who are building the future. If you’ve ever envisioned a world where surgeons can wear smart glasses that prevent them from making crucial errors and help them to perform life saving operations, you’re envisioning the work of a developer.

Being a developer in Australia, means having a hand in building products just like that. It’s a limitless world, and you can be not only the driving force, but a crucial team member.

The skills you’ll learn can be applied anywhere.



Problem solving.

Project management.

…and a core understanding of the tools that make the modern world work. These are the benefits of becoming a developer.

There are companies doing a great job at training the next generation of developers, like Le Wagon in Melbourne. At such code camps, you’ll take on skills and knowledge that can be applied to hundreds of roles in a short period of time. It can even help you perform in your day to day life. You’ll be pushed to learn and stay up to date with the latest advances in technology, and you will need to be nimble, agile and ready to adapt. When you look into your future, those areas will always be valuable.

Whether you want to move into management, become a CEO on day, or even start your own million dollar company, these skills are going to set you up for success. By training to become a developer, you’re training to become a high functioning, carefully managed, technically abled craftsperson. The benefits of that are huge.

Becoming a developer means thinking about the future.

…not the past.

Building a career isn’t something that happens unconsciously, and building a stable career takes careful planning. With a lot of jobs disappearing through software, being the person who makes that software happen is a wise call. Becoming a developer is a career for tomorrow. And the right time to start is today.

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