Deploy Seven Unteachable Principles to Survive Your CUBICLE

What problems do I have besides “first world problems”?

At some point on the path to your dream, you have to ask yourself the tenacity question: am I willing to put in the work? Am I willing to keep going when times get tough?

This topic scares me. I hesitate to use the word “lazy”. But, I sometimes doubt my willingness to put in the work. I must not squander life’s one-time opportunity.

Thinking bigger picture, I am a third generation American. You see immigrants who become very successful because they’re willing to put in the work. I am three generations deep living in the one of the richest places in the world (California). What problems do I have? I have food to eat, water to drink, a stable roof over my head, flushing toilets, electricity, public education, healthcare. What problems do I have besides “first world problems”?

What I learned from doing 10 pushups every day for 30 days.

Daily push-ups is only the beginning. It is foundational habit upon which many great things are built. For me, I have begun running 6 days / week for at least 1 mile. I take time to eat breakfast at least 6 days week. And, I end my hot showers with cold water.

I have reflected on the huge value of discipline. I believe discipline is a success secret stumbled upon by Arnold Schwarzenegger early in life. The discipline he deployed in body building he also deployed in all aspects of life. This allowed him to succeed in Hollywood and politics and life.

I think what differentiates a self-made success from a self-made zero is seven unteachable principles. These principles can’t be acquired just by reading books. They have to be practiced daily, learned the “hard way”. And disparity is a vicious teacher. These principles are a driving force behind someone who puts in the work.

My seven unteachable principles of self-made success are:
1. Clarity
2. Common Sense
3. Discipline
4. Energy
5. Integrity
6. Self-awareness
7. Sense of Urgency

I need more time to unpack all seven of these. Look forward to future stories. :)

Stay Legendary!