Similarities Between Moral Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence

After discussing Moral Intelligence in my prior blog entry, there seems to be a definite trend within my research. This trend may not jump out at some of you, as it does for me. That trend being, the soft skill of communication and how much it weighs on the kind of leader we carry ourselves as. Communication in any environment can take many different forms, anywhere from verbal, to non verbal, written, or even miscommunication. Communication can be a very broad skill in itself. I think learning to communicate efficiently and effectively in any environment reaps great benefits.

To be Moral intelligent, you must be able to observe and understand the circumstances that weigh on our peer’s well being. When morals are put before the goals of a company, this in itself communicates to employees how valuable they are to the company. Reflecting on the soft skills that make up a leader; once we’ve have mastered the skill of communication, many of the other soft skills stand in line. When we have the ability to communicate, we have the ability to motivate, delegate, provide feedback, express flexibility. The utilization of positivity and commitment soft skills while communicating with peers, will only contribute to making us a better leader for them.

The skills that make up a good leader shares similarities to a person who is Emotional Intelligent. The blog “Characteristics of people with high EI possess” written by Linh Vu, provides some good insight on what makes an emotionally intelligent individual. Linh displays many of the components that apply to EI, in which many of the can be attributed to the skills that make a good leader.

“Understandably, the ability to communicate effectively, build and maintain good relationships with others is almost essential in any career field.”-Linh. She also points out the motivational skills that most emotionally intelligent people have in common. Similar to moral intelligence; people who are emotionally intelligent express confidence, compassion, and commitment to the work they do, and the people they work with.

I think that some of the most important aspects that make up a good leader have been addressed. After discussing communication, moral intelligence, and emotional intelligence, I think we have created a good pathway to discuss the soft skill of trustworthiness.

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