Time is Everything

In the 1990's top executives were obsessed with maximizing their productivity. Get more done in less time! Successful people today understand that optimizing every waking moment is a fool’s errand. Instead, they seek work with disproportionate reward. They focus on opportunities where they can create the greatest value with the smallest time investment.

Once a badge of honor in corporate culture, being a workaholic is now seen as a liability. Companies understand their workers should produce consistent, sustainable results — not ride a pendulum which swings between heroism and burnout.

Although many successful senior executives understand how to make this happen for themselves, they’ve not yet found an easy or effective formula for ensuring their downstream teams do the same.

Leadership Kanban seeks to use agile and lean principles to explore and discover solutions for the c-suite to fight the right battles, maximize value, limit work and improve the flow of their teams.

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