Company Complaint Culture

How to create a positive culture in your organisation

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Leadership: how do your leaders act?

You have to begin with looking at your highest level of senior leaders. Of course, they will not complain about the situations they made and the projects which they started. One could now assume that they are an excellent example of not complaining but acting in certain situations. Unfortunately, this approach shows no congruence with facts, evidence, science. Listening closely when your leaders think they can talk what is informally known as off the record. About which topics are they talking?

Employee Turnover

After a pandemic or any similar moment of crisis, organisational leaders assume that people are looking for safety, security and, due to this fact, will accept less comfortable working positions as well as job offers. This assumption is based on a misperception.

Do you provide modern leadership?

Modern leadership creates excellent motivation. Great motivation prevents that people start complaining. Easy to say, hard to deliver.



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Niels Brabandt

Niels Brabandt is in business since 1998. Helping managers to become better leaders by mastering the concept of Sustainable Leadership. Based in Spain & London.