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You most likely heard about the term Mindset. It is the new term which seems to be chosen to explain everything. Change Mindset, Success Mindset, Project Mindset. In an attempt to break down what this content-free utterance means, you often find an explanation that comes close to a confident attitude about a specific topic. Unfortunately, often people seem to mix up confidence with substance about a subject matter. It reminds many of the time when management only threw the word agile in the room, and anything seemed to be okay no matter how chaotic the organisation was running.


A good starting point may be an innovation forum. You can, of course, choose the way how to deliver it. May it be online, on-site, or in a hybrid format. Still, this mustn’t be something that happens as a side note during the daily business routine. Too often, these innovation forums end up taking place outside working hours during the evening, during which your employees enjoy their well-deserved time off.


The most crucial aspect of your approaches to change, innovation and progress are if employees see that you act on your promises. Many industries saw suggestions for improvement passing management and board levels without any implementation on the operational level. Once the disruptive change happened, often initiated by a small start-up company, suddenly the organisations were caught off-guard. UBER and the taxi industry, AirBnB and the hotel industry, travel bureaus and vacation search engines. Countless examples exist. Still, countless organisations think that their industry will not be affected.



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Niels Brabandt

Niels Brabandt is in business since 1998. Helping managers to become better leaders by mastering the concept of Sustainable Leadership. Based in Spain & London.