Psychological stress at work

How bad leadership affects your results

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When we look at the facts, we have to discuss stereotypical and generalising judgements towards younger people. No, young people are not too weak. No, young people are not unable to handle pressure. No, it cannot be acceptable to apply a new version of Social Darwinism in a company.


Leadership is situative and motive-oriented. It is of no relevance through which hard times you had to go, how many crises you survived or how hard your former mentor was. Stop trying to copy yourself onto other people. Doing so is the opposite of good leadership. You invade someone else’s privacy and personality by doing so.


You may have heard of the phrase, “No one is forced to have a career.”. This statement is, without any doubt, true. Still, it hardly ever is respected in daily leadership practice. I, the author, feel with any leader, as I was in the same situation, how desperate situations could be when you have great talent on staff, but someone is not interested in a career.



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Niels Brabandt

Niels Brabandt is in business since 1998. Helping managers to become better leaders by mastering the concept of Sustainable Leadership. Based in Spain & London.