Sales and the organisation

Why you need more than closed deals

Hardly anyone likes to be approached by a salesperson.

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However, anyone knows that any successful business will only operate and succeed in any market when the sales team does an excellent job. Buying is an action that most people enjoy. However, the focus never seems to be on a perfect sales process before, during and after the purchase. The perception of sales is still strongly influenced by archaic pictures from the 1970s, often accompanied by a used car salesman. These times are long ago. Professional sales is a must-have for any organisation.

How can your organisation thrive with an excellent sales team?

Sales Issues

Most sales teams lack structure. There often is no proactive sales happening in most organisations, or the systems one finds were established organically in the past, meaning no focused intent. Countless organisations rely on a feeling of safety and security. They expect their market position to be solid and stable. Even in times of crisis, the expectations that the markets will return to their former performance prevails. Then suddenly, a new competitor enters the market, potentially an organisation with a robust sales approach, a more efficient and effective solution, and a disruptive change to the industry. It is too late to adapt. You will run out of time and money before you change your organisation.

How can your implement a sustainable sales strategy in your organisation?


A proactive, effective and efficient sales approach is a must-have for any profitable organisation today. No matter which product, service or solution you offer, you will not be the only organisation offering it. A competition situation gives a crucial role in the sales team and its actions.

Your organisation needs salespeople with an agile mindset who can even sell cold leads (yes, this includes cold calling). A proper sales approach and structure should be set up, led by an experienced sales leader with a proven track record. Be aware: being an excellent salesperson does not make anyone an even adequate sales leader. Sales leaders are people who empower others to be successful in sales. They are not led by their ego or wish to be in the spotlight themselves. Leadership is taught; there are no born leaders. Choose your sales leader wisely as these people have an immediate impact on the sales performance of the whole team.

The focus of any sales activity is crystal clear: close deals, get in the revenue, create profit. Never lose this focus.

Any administrative effort must be kept at a minimum. Time management must be focused on the clients’ needs and can never be driven by internal rules. No meetings should be held during the best time to reach out to clients and decision-makers.

Be aware that besides looking at the hard, measurable numbers, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you also need to take the soft factors, CSFs (Critical Success Factors), into consideration. No matter how successful a team might be based on their numbers, when the organisational culture, the team spirit or the motivation is not where it should be, people will leave your organisation. Always keep in mind: it was never easier to find a new, better job as a salesperson than it is today.

Leadership Balance

Without any doubt, sales teams are crucial for an organisation’s success in the market. However, they are not the only part of it. Anyone contributing towards the goal, no matter in which position, is part of the success. Especially during the 1990s, incompetent managers often used the phrase “it is all about sales” as if nothing else was happening in their organisation. Ignoring the contribution of others will lead to conflict and complex issues within your organisation, making it impossible to deliver your product, services or solutions to the client.

Leaders must successfully balance between focusing on sales and valuing the contribution of everyone in the organisation. It is a complex and challenging task that needs experienced and well-trained leaders to handle.

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Niels Brabandt

Niels Brabandt is in business since 1998. Helping managers to become better leaders by mastering the concept of Sustainable Leadership. Based in Spain & London.