Why do people leave organisations? #TheGreatResignation

Why your organisation has to act differently and has to do so now

Photo by Roth Melinda on Unsplash

The global trend, the local accountability

Having a job in many countries is essential even to secure the most basic needs. However, countless people left their jobs even in countries with few social security systems in place, e.g. the United States of America. The economist Lawrence Katz in an interview with The Harvard Gazette gave insight into the motivation for people doing so.

The Great Disconnect

People feel disconnected from their organisations. McKinsey took a scientific look and portrayed the situation using valid and reliable data.

Leadership Relevance

We see, again, that leaders often follow the wrong approach. When making a decision, consider one aspect first: it is never about you.



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Niels Brabandt

Niels Brabandt is in business since 1998. Helping managers to become better leaders by mastering the concept of Sustainable Leadership. Based in Spain & London.