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Leadership Soup is looking for writers.

If you believe, like we do, that Leadership matters, we want you to join us.

Many factors determine a team’s, company’s, or organization’s success, but none more than their leader.

Leadership is a multiplier of effects; with it, organizations are focused and synchronized, resources are used efficiently, people become energized and motivated, and missions are more likely to achieve desired outcomes.

Leadership serves a motivational purpose: to energize others to achieve challenging goals. An organization with effective leadership has a clear purpose, common methods, and ordered processes; sustains itself; and accomplishes its missions.

Effective organizations rely on leaders to balance uncertainty, remain flexible, and provide a climate where subordinates have the latitude to explore options.

That’s why we launched Leadership Soup. To share our experiences, capture notes and thoughts on leadership, highlight the best leadership books, provide quality content on leadership that is worth making time for, and connect with others interested in building better organizations and better selves.

Join our team of leadership learners and writers today!

Simply RESPOND to this article with:

“I want to write!”

We will then add you as a writer at Leadership Soup, and you can submit articles any time going forward.

Thank you!



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