Mastering These Four Skills Will Accelerate Your Personal Growth And Business Success


Want to get ahead and be successful in business? You must master these four skills — writing, speaking, selling, and marketing.

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Many companies are now looking at these four skills and your ability to deliver these skills to be eligible for a promotion and an increase in compensation.

A friend was recently turned down for a promotion because she could not put a persuasive speech together and sell her proposal to the executive team.

Had she delivered a persuasive speech, she would have gotten the promotion and the increase in compensation.

These skills are essential to success in business, but they can be challenging to master. Our colleges and universities are failing our students. These skills are left to be acquired independently outside of a basic freshman or sophomore-level course.

Writing, speaking, selling, and marketing. Why are these skills so essential?

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Writing is one of the big four, as it is necessary for business success. Writing is critical because you need to articulate and communicate your thoughts clearly and be able to persuade others through your written words.

Your company may ask you to craft and send an email, write a report, make a proposal, or even create marketing materials. You must be able to deliver a compelling message when called upon.

Digital writing and copy have become crucial for business in this age. Blogging, website copy, and social media updates are vital tools for companies to reach and engage with their audience.

This content also helps establish credibility and authority in your business. You can create more value for yourself and your company by mastering the art of writing.

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Public Speaking

Communicating effectively is another essential skill for you to learn and master. You may be asked to address the company board or deliver a sales presentation to a big client. Learning to speak confidently and clearly and providing a talk with charisma will be paramount to your success.

Your confidence and body language when delivering a speech will also play a significant role in persuading and inspiring your audience. Public speaking is a skill that transcends the business world.

Networking is also an essential tool in your business toolbox that relies on your public speaking skills. Building relationships, connecting with fellow business associates, and maintaining relationships also depend on your ability to communicate effectively.

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Every one of us sells daily, whether we realize it or not. The art of selling involves convincing potential customers that what you are offering is the best solution to their problems.

Selling involves Communication, empathy, and active listening.

In today’s world, understanding your customer needs is paramount.

You need to learn to address the specific pain points of your customers, and when you do, you increase your chances of closing a deal and earning the sale.

Part of the selling process is overcoming objections. You must address and overcome your prospect’s doubts and concerns and communicate your solutions effectively and professionally.

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Marketing is about creating, promoting, and delivering value to your customers.

If you’re good at marketing, you can convince your potential customers that what you are offering is the best solution to their problems.

Sometimes, it’s not just about what you sell but how you present your business to the world. Your brand should convey a consistent message and image that aligns with the values and aspirations of your target audience.

Mastering SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and social media are all tools that can help businesses connect with their audience and drive sales, impacting your digital footprint.

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If your skills are lacking in the above marketing principles, there are classes that you can take for a nominal fee. Udemy is one platform that offers courses on all these topics. There is also a ton of free content on YouTube.

In conclusion, you must master these four skills. Maybe you are not in a position now that needs these skills. But if you want to start a side hustle or be an entrepreneur, these four skills, writing, selling, public speaking, and marketing, will be invaluable to your success.



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