Six Ultimate Life Hacks To Help You Live Your Best Life


There are numerous life hacks that you can deploy to help you grow and become a better person.

These hacks are not easy to implement, but once you master them, life becomes much more manageable and stress-free.

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— Take 100 Percent Responsibility For Your life

This means that you must give up playing the blame game when things go awry in your life. It’s not your parents fault, the governments fault, or your supervisors fault. It is your fault. Own It.

You can’t change your circumstances but you can change how you respond to events.

If it’s not working for you change it.

No one else has made the decisions that you have. The money in your bank account, the house you live in, and your relationships are all a reflection of the decisions that you have made.

— Double down on your strengths.

We are all incredibly skilled in one area, and if we are lucky, there are two or three areas that we are good at.

Some experts will tell you to work on your weaknesses instead of strengths. That is flawed thinking.

When you focus and double down on your strengths, your productivity and performance will be much higher than if you are wasting your time in an area you are not proficient at.

By continually enhancing your strengths, you will become an expert in your field, which could lead to deeper and more fulfilling professional relationships.

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— Always Take the High road

What does it mean to take the high road?

Be the better person in every situation. It seems easy enough, but living it out in every situation is very hard.

That person who talks behind you may start unkind rumors about you; it is best to ignore the nonsense, take the high road, and move on.

That is why I don’t respond to negative comments or negativity on my social media posts. Those people seem to do everything they can to sabotage your success and your joy.

Take the high road and let it go.

— Listen to Your inner GPS.

Right now, someone is doing what you want to do and making killer money, living their dream, and they are not even as good as you could be at it.

The big difference is they didn’t let the fear of failure stop them. Don’t let it stop you.

— You encourage what you tolerate

Don’t allow people to talk to you disrespectfully in person, in a meeting, or behind your back.

Early in my career, A GM I worked for had a habit of criticizing his employees and managers in front of everyone. One day, it was my turn, and the yelling and disrespect started.

I calmly asked him to meet me in the office, and I explained to him that I understood he was the boss and would follow his direction as best I could. But in the future, I would not allow him to talk to me in the disrespectful manner that he had been.

He apologized, and there was never a problem after that incident.

Don’t encourage people to disrespect you; put them on notice.

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— Make self-care a high priority.

It is not selfish to put yourself first. Be your best for yourself so you can be your best for others.

I understand how challenging it can be to exercise after working 12-hour days, including a long commute. But if you don’t have good health, you have nothing.

Take time to work on yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, and get involved in those activities that cause you to feel refreshed and fulfilled.

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— Become a Lifelong learner.

Jim Rohn said, “You should work on yourself harder than you do on your job.”

Attend the seminars, lectures, and workshops in your area of expertise. Read the books that are going to help you become a better person.

Sometimes, you only get one good idea out of a book, but implementing that one idea can be worth thousands of dollars in your bank account.

Maybe you get that job promotion and start that side hustle you’ve always wanted. When you become a lifelong learner, the sky is the limit for earning potential.

Implement these six life hacks, and you will be happier and on your way to a new and improved you where the sky is the limit.



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