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Team Activity — Super Power Discovery

How do you know what your Super Power is? Leveraging other Super Hero’s around you can help!
Do you have the right mix of people to run a Super Power Discovery activity?

STOP! First, do you have the right ingredients?

Do you have the right ingredients? Yes? CONTINUE!

Leverage other Hero’s around you to help you figure out your Super Powers!

How to run a Super Power Discovery activity:


  1. A group of people who have some level of already established trust and relationships. The stronger the bonds, the better.
  2. A willingness of your group to be open, honest, and without judgment. This goes for themselves as well as with each other.
  3. Some writing supplies. Pen & paper is fine.
  4. A facilitator. This can be a participant or an outsider… it’s up to you.
  5. About 2 hours.

Activity process:

  1. Super Silent Brainstorming (5–10 min per person)
  2. Share within the group (3–5 min per person)
  3. Decipher your notes (3–5 min)
  4. Super Delivery (3–5 min per person)

Super silent brainstorming:

  1. Separate into smaller groups, no more than four or five people.
  2. In your group, pick one person to begin with.
  3. Spend 5–10 minutes silently brainstorming what each of you in the group, including that person, believes that a person’s Super Powers are and WHY? DO NOT SHARE YET!
  4. Complete Step 3 for each person in your group.

Share within the group:

  1. Pick one person to begin with.
  2. This person shares what they believe their own Super Powers are. This should take about 3–5 minutes.
  3. The group should ask probing questions like “Why?” and “How?”
  4. Then, one by one, each person in the group shares what they came up with as a Super Power for this person and shares why. You may build upon each other’s ideas, but you must share what you came up with.
  5. The person discovering their Super Power should focus on listening and asking questions. This is your group’s turn to talk, not yours. Take notes and practice hearing what your group is trying to tell you. Active listening skills work great here. Say things like “hmmm” or “interesting” even if inside you are thinking, “WTF! Does this person even know me?”
  6. Repeat this process for each person in the group.

Sharing needs to be safe!

Decipher your notes and find your Super Powers!

How do you decipher your notes and come to a conclusion?

  • People in my group said that I inspire them.
  • I asked, “Why?”
  • They said because I help them feel like they can.
  • I asked, “How?”
  • They said, by believing in them. By sharing my ideas. By showing that I care. By being who I am as a person.
  • I asked, “What do you mean?”
  • They followed up with a lot of statements that included words like “feeling,” “caring,” “belief,” and getting them to feel those feelings too.
  • I felt like the cause for all of this was because of my ability and willingness to express my Emotion. I believe this was the best label that tied all of these statements together and was the true trigger behind the people in my group saying the things they said.

Discovery Pro-tip #1: Look into the past!

Super delivery:

Why can’t I find my Super Power?

  • You did not get good feedback from your group, probably because they don’t know you that well. Consider running through this exercise with people who know you better and will give you stronger feedback.
  • It is possible you did not listen very well and may not be open to the feedback you received during this activity. Really listening and hearing what people are saying takes practice. Find someone that can tell you like it is. This person will be able to help you.
  • You might be lying to yourself and believing your Super Power is something it is not. Sharing with someone that can give you good feedback will be the best way to figure out if you are being truthful to yourself or not.

We found our Super Powers, now what?

  1. Leverage each other when someone’s Super Powers are needed.
  2. Help others strengthen their Super Powers by holding others accountable. Use your Super Powers when opportunities arise!
  3. Enable others to recognize their own Super Powers.
  4. Teach others how to develop their version of your Super Power.

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Once you discover your Super Powers, use it for good, not evil.

Hi, I’m Calvin! I’m a technologist, a leader, and I created BuildBetterTeams.org to help others build awesome dev teams! #LeadershipLife #Technology #Detroit

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