We released the new LeaderTask version for Android

The hottest updates in version 12.6:

✰ Now reminders of new tasks or messages will be removed after reading or compliting the task.

As soon as you read a task or the message — the reminder will disappear. It isn’t necessary to close them manually any more!

✰ We have properly worked over a LeaderTask widget! Also we have made a tasks addition process so simple that the need for a voice analog has just disappeared:)

To add a new task through a widget, just enter the name of a task into the line, and then press a tick.

✰ And new features for Android Wear smartwatches!

✰ Other small-sized improvings and corrections, not noticeable at first sight!

Download the latest LeaderTask version! If the program is already installed on your phone — just upgrade that.

Download LeaderTask from Play Market!

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