We released the new LeaderTask version for Windows

The hottest updates in 12.5.5:

✰ In “Contacts” the column with contact’s creators is displayed. Customize that column this way:

✰ We have updated the “Regular Task Table” program:

✰ Now the tick at the “Add a new task to the top of the list” point influences also the common projects: your tasks will be at the top of the list.

✰ Reminders don’t block the button of closing of the program any more!

✰ Other small-sized improvings and corrections, not noticeable at first sight!

How to update LeaderTask to version 12.5.5:
The main menu — Help — Check for Updates.

If you use old version of LeaderTask now — you can to check new functions out without loss of access to the customary interface. For this purpose download the latest version of the program, rename the folder in which LeaderTask was set, set the new version and enter the program, using e-mail and the password of your account.