Your wrist is more clever than ever: the new version for Android Wear!

Users of Android Wear are saying welcome for the new version for Android and Android Wear 12.6.11!

Read here about all innovations in Android version.

And now we’ll look what was prepared by developers for Android Wear.

✰ If the task’s name is too big, then it is transferred to the second line that the user could read all task at once!

✰ The screen of loading of the application has undergone by changes! Now he doesn’t die away when loading data.

✰ At addition of a task, you shouldn’t say the word “Task” anymore. It’s rather simple to dictate her name!

✰ We care for safety of our users! We have added check at the first authorization.

✰ Other small-sized improvings and corrections, not noticeable at first sight!

If you want to use LeaderTask on watch with Android Wear — upgrade an application on your smartphone to the last version 12.6.11.

Download LeaderTask from Play Market!