Whose Brains Respond to Carrots and Whose to Sticks?

Credit: unknown (let me know if you know it)

Old logic sees punishment as motivation. Good ‘ole school systems used this: strict rules and give anyone who diverges of the righteous path a good beating. That will see them right. I grew up in Britain which still had the cane (a thin stick) as a punishment in schools — it was finally abolished when I was 14, but not before my brother and been given a good whipping at school. To be honest that…




A selection of articles from leading brains Review. These are articles that take a novel approach of analysing the brain sceince and behavioural sceince in soceity, business, leadership, learning, and health. Fascinating reads!

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Andy Hab

Andy Hab

The brain and human behaviour, in business, society, learning, and health.

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