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How to Get the Most of Remote Work: Productivity, Expenses and Mistakes

The best three stories from April

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I founded a gaming company in 2012. In 2014, I decided to get rid of the office. Understanding how to get the best of remote work helped me build a profitable six-figure business.

These are the best three stories from April:

5 Ways I Actually Stay Productive Working From Home

Staying productive is a difficult task whether you’re working in a physical office or at home. There are different challenges to face depending on the place you are.

When you work at home, you may feel lost and tired all the time. You may feel guilty for not being productive the way you want to be.

If you want to get the most of remote work, there are five things you may try to do that I do.

Should your Company Pay for Monthly Expenses Associated with Remote Work?

There is a question that arises with all that. Should companies pay for monthly expenses associated with remote work?

When a person works from home, in a coffee shop, or in a coworking, she is usually responsible for paying for her expenses. The same employee doesn’t have those same expenses when working in a physical office.

Actually, few companies pay employees for monthly expenses associated with remote work. Buffer did a survey confirming that.

4 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make as the Leader of a Remote Company

If there were one hack to shortcut in your path to success, it would be to find mentors to learn from people who have already done what you are trying to do. You shouldn’t try to come up with every single solution yourself.

Usually, the type of mentors who tend to be the most helpful are those who don’t necessarily give you an answer. They are those who give you a better way of finding that answer.

There are a few mistakes you shouldn’t make as the leader of a remote company.




How leaders can get the most of remote teams.

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