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What You Need to Avoid Today When Working from Home

I failed with remote work

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I quit.

It was December 2011. My last month as an employee. I decided that I would become an entrepreneur.

For the past couple of months, I’ve been talking to three colleagues about starting a gaming company together. However, we were all scared to quit our jobs.

I was finishing college at that time. I majored in Digital Games. It’s like Computer Science but focused on making games.

After I presented my final project, I decided that I would be the first of my three colleagues to quit. They were surprised when they knew about what I’ve done. I was hoping they would leave with me, but they didn’t.

2012 started, and I had no job. I was jobless. I was unemployed.

I decided I would try to start the gaming company by own. I would use the game I built for my final project from college as my company’s first product. I already had the name of the company. I just needed to change a few things and launch it.

Aftew a few weeks, one of my three colleagues quit. After he did that, he put pressure on the other two that still had a job. One week later, both of them left. It looks like we could get some work done now.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are thoughts, opinions that one believes to be the absolute truth. They tend to harm one’s life by stopping them from moving forward and growing personally and professionally.

We believed we needed to have an office to build a successful company. We started looking for one when all four of us had quit. We had to be together to get work done.

In the meanwhile, we tried to work from our homes. However, that was a disaster.

We couldn’t get anything done. We didn’t know what we have to do. We didn’t know how to run meetings. It was our first company, and we had no experience with what being an entrepreneur meant.

I had worked as a freelancer before and have worked from home with these projects. I worked late at night but it was something that I did from time to time. It wasn’t part of my regular routine.

I had all the time of the world now. I could wake up any time I want. I could do anything I want. However, I was lost with so much freedom.

As I believed that I had to have an office to build a successful company, I was sabotaging myself.


Many people think that they can run away from the work routine as they work from home and work anytime they want. It is not because you can work anytime in your home that you should.

The same way that you have time to start and stop working in an office, you should have one in your home. Having a work routine at your place is essential for productivity. Your brain understands when you should or shouldn’t be working. It’s the same as having a work environment.

It is also easier to work longer hours because you are at home. We usually have many things to do, and we may think we could finish one more task. When we notice, it is late at night.

You may think you are working more, but sometimes what is happening is that you’re less productive. You then decide to spend more time working.

I didn’t have any remote work routine when I started as an entrepreneur.


Studies have shown that different environments should have different purposes. As part of the general guidelines for good sleep, bedrooms are for sleep and sex, not for other activities. You should not be doing work there.

The same applies to work. When you go to the office, you know that it is not a place to watch television. Your brain understands what you will probably do in different environments. That prepares you for different tasks.

You should have a place in your home that generates the same feeling like the office. When you stop working, you leave that place. That way will help your brain understand that you’re not working anymore. You can relax and think about other things.

I didn’t have an environment for work at my home. I was working in the same place that I used for entertainment. Without realizing it, I spent more time on Youtube than working for my company.


Many people think that they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity. They believe that they need more willpower to finish tasks. The problem is that they don’t have a plan for it, so they wake up each day wondering how they will feel.

When you share a clear and exciting vision of your company’s future with your team, they will get excited about that. I didn’t have that. I don’t know why my three colleagues decided to join me in this crazy adventure. The only thing I said is that I wanted to build games.

As we didn’t have a clear vision of our future, we didn’t know what we should be working on. We had no goals. We had no plan. It’s hard to work when you don’t know what you should be doing.

When you work for others, they tell you what you need to do. We were on our own now. We needed to say to ourselves what we needed to do.

Our only thought was that we needed an office first to be able to find that out.


After one month of looking for offices, we chose one. It was more expensive than what we wanted to pay, but one of my partners told us that we couldn’t work any more time from home. We needed an office as soon as possible.

And we finally started working together in the office.

However, after two years, my three partners decided to quit the entrepreneurial journey. We weren’t making enough money. They decided to get jobs in other companies for themselves.

I then become the only partner of the company. I needed to change a lot of things if I really wanted to build a profitable business.

Remote work

As you start working from home, you can do a few things to improve your odds of success.

In 2014, I decided to get rid of the office to save money. I had to stop believing that I need an office for success. I needed to build a vision for my company’s future and improve my routine and environment as I worked from home now.

Understanding how to get the most of remote work helped me build a profitable six-figure business.

The first thing you should do is to understand if your company really needs a physical office.

If your company doesn’t need one, you should believe that you can build a successful company from your home. You should believe that you don’t need an office.

I’ve been working from home for seven years now. That was a long journey full of learning.

Don’t let your limiting beliefs in your way.

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