5 Ways A Leader Can Regain Confidence

There are some people in the world who seem like they have it all together. You look at them and they look and act as if nothing is ever wrong and life is always great. They have a really nice house and they drive a BMW or a Lexus. So, life is awesome. Right? If they happen to be a business leader, they must definitely be living the high life. I mean, when have you heard a leader come into the room and just break down, saying, “Oh my goodness…today is just THE WORST!!”

But, it does happen. It happens all the time. Except, it often happens in their brains. Many leaders feel like they can’t afford to be that vulnerable in front of everyone. So, they keep it to themselves. They fight internal battles and often beat themselves up because of something over which they had no control. They kick themselves because of a decision they made that turned out horribly.

With every kick and every battle comes a lowered sense of confidence. They must make some effort in public to keep their heads up but in the office, in the quiet time, there is a hole being created and in that hole is where their confidence begins to be poured.

When you begin to feel that way, how do you fight through to get your mojo back? How do you regain your confidence? Here are 5 steps to begin:

  1. Momentum — Get some momentum. What can you do to get a series of quick small wins? Not just one win, but a series of victories which help you to begin feeling better! Wherever you can find it. Grab it. Complete 3 books you’ve been meaning to read. Go do a paint night and paint 1 more picture than the instructor tells you. Stick to an exercise program for a week. Whatever you need to get a series of small wins, do it.
  2. Celebrate your wins — Sometimes it’s difficult to see your progress and your wins while you are in it. I had set a goal to earn a certain amount and give a certain number of speeches in a year. I was speaking and training constantly. But, I disqualified most of them in my brain because they weren’t all keynote speeches. The truth is I was speaking in places I had not been in the year before, whether they were trainings or keynotes. They were wins and I wasn’t giving myself credit. Take the wins and celebrate them.
  3. Get feedback — Sometimes we spend so much time beating ourselves up that it can be difficult to find the positive gear again. This is where community is important. Ask someone how you’re doing. Ask them if they had any feedback for you but ask them what they think you are doing well. You want your ego to be stroked for a moment. This is a confidence activity. Let them tell you about the great thing you did. Let them tell you about the great progress you have made. It’s ok to do this because we all need it sometimes. Affirmation is great.
  4. Attack your bucket list — Get out that list of things you’ve been meaning to do. Choose one thing you can do almost immediately and go for it. Have you been meaning to go on a helicopter ride? Go. Have you been meaning to take a parachute lesson? Call and schedule it now. Have you been wanting to do a mountain climb? Set a date. Have you been thinking about running a marathon? Look up marathons over the next 12 months and choose one. I’m personally choosing the Marine Corps Marathon in Virginia next year.
  5. Get out of your head. — I’m not talking about negative thinking here. I’m literally talking about getting out of silent mode. We attempt to think positive thoughts but the confidence thing has you so flustered that your thought get clobbered by all the other distractions. Get out of your head by vocalizing. Grab a book and read something inspirational…OUT LOUD. Read it so you can hear your voice talking. This creates an energy connection you would not otherwise feel.

Losing confidence can be a tough challenge. It can sneak up on you when you are not paying attention. However, you can always be ready by having these tips ready to go. Take these 5, print them and post them on your wall. When you are ready, create some new mojo boosting strategies of your own and add them to the list.

Simply put, be intentional and you won’t likely get caught off guard.

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