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Letter sent on Dec 6, 2016

You Need Space

I haven’t written to you over the last couple of weeks because I was taking some space. You know the whole relationship thing, right? It’s not you, it’s me. I just need some space.

OK! That doesn’t sound really inspiring. The truth is I was finishing up some things. I had my book launch happen on Nov. 21st. We got Amazon bestseller status on the 2nd day. That was pretty neat.

The book is called 7 Ways To Know You Were Meant To Lead. It’s a short book on finding your leadership potential.

Additionally, I was finishing up my 12 week writing journey. DUring the journey, I realized that writing is really my most effective mode of communication. It always has been. When my wife is mad, I write a letter :). When I am struggling with something, I write about it. Although I wouldn’t call it my favorite thing to do in the whole world, I enjoy doing it and it seems to be something I do a bit more naturally than I cared to admit previously.

I had an article requested for a publication here on Medium. It was an honor to get that request. Pretty neat.

I was in the midst of prepping to submit some things to Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

I was also booking interviews for the book.

After all of that was done, I needed to breathe a bit. So, I took some space.

Now, I’m in the midst of strategizing with some of my friends and some of the people in my community for 2017. I’ve already chosen my word for the year. I’ll write about that soon. But right now, I’m in strategy mode.



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