Is Your Software Getting Better or Worse?

Recored by Lance Kind

Lance Kind, Daryl Kulak, and George Walters join for this podcast episode about software. Daryl and George describe how they help companies answer the question: Is your software getting better or worse? LeadingAgile Studios team mission is to help companies going through an Agile Transformation resolve the problem of where the software is the leading impediment to a company’s success.

LeadingAgile Studios team starts with a software assessment that uses an in-house tool to analyze a codebase by collecting data on how it changes over time. With this information, LeadingAgile Studios helps clients make a plan to remediate the discovered problems. With this plan, the client will have the option to fix the problem independently, do it with assistance from the Studios team, or have the Studios team take complete control.

Listen to this episode to learn more about how the LeadingAgile Studios team can answer the question: Is your software getting better or worse?

Contact Daryl for more information or check out the LeadingAgile contact page and tell them “a podcast on software assessment” sent you.

Contacting Daryl Kulak

Daryl’s page:



Contacting George Walters

George’s page:



Originally Posted to on March 31, 2022




Dave Prior hosts a weekly podcast about all things agile.

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