Running a Nonprofit Remotely | Tips for Digital Nomads

How do we change people’s lives virtually?

Right before COVID-19 shut the world down, I had plans to scale an entrepreneurship workshop I piloted in Nairobi, Kenya. I never considered virtual learning a viable option, even though statistics would suggest the majority of people living in Africa have access to a smartphone, regardless of income or socioeconomic status. However, a global pandemic became the stress test for how much of a difference this would make in keeping us connected digitally despite being isolated physically.

So much depended on me maintaining the momentum I started with my new nonprofit organization. Without proof that I knew how to run effective programs and manage grant funds responsibly, there was no telling whether I’d continue to grow. So COVID-19 felt like a threat of eternal stagnation just when my fundraising efforts were getting started.

Lessons were learned along the way, and I talk about them in a recent interview with Shar Wynter, the founder of the Xpat App that connects African/Black ex-pats living and working around the world. Watch the video below to gain some insights into starting a nonprofit and keeping it in operation despite a global interruption of epic proportions.




Seun Shokunbi explores stories of women as power brokers in the political and entrepreneurial arenas of Africa & the African diaspora. These are personal essays that show the journey to combining hustler mentality with social activism.

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Seun Shokunbi

Seun Shokunbi

Seun Shokunbi is a past contributor to Face2Face Africa, and a speaker for TEDx. Learn more at

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