Alanna Munro

Typeface and Lettering Designer

Tofino Type Family Posters from

Guest Speaker

Alanna Munro will be presenting to the GD154 Typography class on the importance of community in building relationships that foster one’s growth and development as a designer. She speaks from experience as one of the organizers of Type Brigade, as designer of the type family Tofino, available through Lost Type Co-op, as a lettering designer for Words for Parenting, and as a purveyor of paper goods featuring hand-lettered designs available through her Etsy shop, SendByMail.

Tofino Type Family microsite designed by Kenneth Ormandy for Lost Type Co-op.
Tofino Type Specimens by Kendrick Kidd.
Alanna Munro, Typeface and Lettering Designer

GD154 Typography

February 6, 2018

Room C1120
Abbotsford Campus
University of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC Canada

Map of Abbotsford Campus, Building C, Main Floor Plan (PDF)



One’s position in an organization does not necessarily determine your opportunities to lead. We each have a part in designing the world around us.

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