How to Make Your Meetings Interesting and Beneficial for All

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Anyone who has watched Oprah conduct an interview or host an episode of her original talk show knows this — she understands how to put people at ease and get them talking. And one of the best ways to increase productivity and engagement during meetings is by following what I call “The Oprah Method.”

There are many ways to host an engaging meeting. In order to create a successful engagement, you must first understand your audience and their needs. …

How to Avoid the Confusion of Indecision

How many decisions have you made today?

It is estimated that the average person makes about 35,000 decisions during the course of a day. That’s a lot of decisions and choices you must make. And it is no wonder that we are mentally exhausted by the end of a typical day. Over 200 of those decisions were about food — what to eat, when to eat, how to prepare it or obtain it, where to eat, and how much to eat. …

And How It May be Impacting Your Inclusion and Equity Efforts

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The most popular of all group decision-making methods is “the majority rule.” It usually goes something like this:

“Everyone who wants to X, raise your hand.”

And by a count of the hands raised, we decide if the group is for or against a proposal. Super easy, and the task is completed. Majority-rule decision-making serves as the foundation for democratic forms of government. And it works. Until it doesn’t.

Over time, supportive ways of ensuring that the dissenting viewpoint is heard have emerged. Whether it is hearing arguments for…

How Employees at Wedding-Planning Company Zola Promote a New Culture

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As the vaccine is deployed and work begins to shift back to “normal,” many companies are embracing work from home as a permanent part of their new workplace culture. As some companies are pushing to go back to the way things used to be, workers are deciding that they prefer the schedule flexibility that working from home delivers.

“A May survey of 1,000 U.S. adults showed that 39% would consider quitting if their employers weren’t flexible about remote work.”

Employees Are Quitting Instead of Giving Up Working From Home by…

Why Your Meetings Seem Like Ground Hog Day

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Have your meetings ever felt like Groundhog Day?

“I believe we have discussed that already?”

“Wasnt’ that already decided?”

“Didn’t we talk about this a few meetings ago?”

In the new era that we now call the “Digital Age,” the way that work gets done is through meetings. It may be in 1:1 meetings with our boss, peers, or direct reports. It also takes place in group meetings where three or more persons gather to talk about a problem. …

What the Clueless Don’t Understand

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“Well, EVERYBODY is doing it!” says the frustrated teenager to their parent. Or at least, that is what mine used to say. My reply was always the same, “Who is EVERYBODY?”

I don’t believe that anyone would disagree that the world has shifted in ways we are still trying to figure out. A pandemic, Brexit, surprise elections, Gamestop, Dogecoin, the Colonial Pipeline, and finally, Bill Gates the imperfect genius — to name a few. Over the last decade, I have watched my heroes exposed and paraded through the media for their sins. And who would’ve…

Five Unconscious Ways You Are Sabotaging Cultural Transformation

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Toxic workplace cultures are cited as one of the top reasons talented employees leave a company. And those who choose to stay in those toxic environments often suffer from high levels of stress. Considering that we spend 30–45% of our week in the workplace, a toxic workplace culture can begin to take its toll on our physical and mental health.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to ensure that the workplace culture creates an atmosphere where everyone can show up as their best self. …

Get Clarity and Get Going with Four Simple Steps

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In my last post, I talked about the importance of creating a vision for your life and getting unstuck. But getting going takes more than a vision; it takes a plan. Once you “see” the life you wish to create, you must get busy working to create it. And here is another place where we can get stuck.

Most of us never learn about setting goals and creating action plans. Schools don’t teach you this. Teachers write lesson plans, tell you what you should do, and then you do it. A…

How You Can Use the Visionary Practices That Make Businesses Successful

“Vision refers to a picture of the future with some implicit or explicit commentary on why people should strive to create that future.” ~John Kotter, Leading Change

If you are feeling stuck in any part of your life, you are likely missing this important element — a vision for the future.

Looking at your present situation or your past can sometimes be depressing. Our brains are wired to identify danger and sources of threat. So it is not a surprise that most of what we see in the news…


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