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How You Can Use the Visionary Practices That Make Businesses Successful

“Vision refers to a picture of the future with some implicit or explicit commentary on why people should strive to create that future.” ~John Kotter, Leading Change

If you are feeling stuck in any part of your life, you are likely missing this important element — a vision for the future.

Looking at your present situation or your past can sometimes be depressing. Our brains are wired to identify danger and sources of threat. So it is not a surprise that most of what we see in the news…

Why a Meeting Agenda Won’t Make Your Meeting Better

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The most often quoted advice about how to improve your meetings is:

“Make sure you have an agenda.”

I call bull on this advice. I have been to too many meetings where there was an agenda, and the meeting experience has been horrible. Here are a few problems that I have seen in meeting with an agenda:

  • The agenda is never referred to during the whole meeting.
  • The agenda was sent out ahead of time, and the meeting organizer didn’t bother to review it before the meeting started.
  • Discussions veer off-topic, and what was initially supposed to be discussed in…

Why You Need to Know and How It Can Improve Your Life

If you don’t know about 5S, you should. Why? Understanding this Lean Management framework can improve your personal and work life. And if you want to improve the experience for your work team, this is a must-have tool in your leader kit.

If you have 12 minutes to spare, I recommend this overview of 5S on LinkedIn done by Gemba Academy:

5S Course by Gemba Academy on LinkedIn

But this framework doesn’t apply only to your business life. It also can apply to your personal life as I discuss in my short article

5S Your Life!

If you…

What Psychologist John Gottman Can Teach You About Team Dysfunction

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Gossip in the workplace is not a problem until it is a problem. Unfortunately, few leaders are taught about the pernicious and devastating nature that behaviors like gossip can have on their workplace culture.

And even worse, the gossipers are often held in high esteem due to the perception that they have some kind of “inside information” on other people. This can elevate the gossiper's status, which further emboldens them to launch nasty rumors and heap unkind words on others.

What you should know as a leader is this: gossip…

Avoid these common traps most new leaders make

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Well, you have done it. You stepped out of the box and decided that leadership was the next logical step in your trajectory as a professional. Or maybe you stepped out of the corporate world and decided to make a difference as an entrepreneur. Either way, being a first-time leader can be intimidating.

Or perhaps you are not intimidated, which may mean that overconfidence will lead you to trouble further down the road. And let’s face the truth, your most confident and experienced leaders are struggling with the dynamics created by emerging…

Using the Group Decision Making Model to Improve Your Meetings

Adaptation of the Participatory Decision Making Model by Sam Kaner

Meetings are how work gets done in the knowledge-driven workplace. Yet, how we do meetings is left to chance. Need a meeting? You have just become a meeting organizer in a few clicks, also known as a meeting host.

What you have not become is proficient at organizing meeting discussions to make them productive. Here is a typical scenario:

  • Meeting begins
  • Meeting host jumpstarts meeting with a statement OR another more outspoken participant hijacks the conversation with small talk
  • The discussion meanders in no particular direction
  • One or two meeting…

Three things you are doing wrong

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65% of employees say that meetings are preventing them from completing productive work. This leaves us with a big problem since most work requires that we collaborate with others. Many will say that the simple answer is to “have fewer meetings.” Although most of us may agree with that, it still leaves us with a problem.

How do we improve the quality of “necessary” meetings?

As someone who has spent my whole career in environments that require team collaboration, I can tell you that the quality of meetings is nowhere near the best it…

Stop Letting Experts Confuse People

Well, “ban” is a strong word. Maybe we should call a moratorium. On what? Those lovely strings of letters and specialty words that experts love to throw into the middle of a conversation.

“How’s that FDA GMP SOP coming? You know we have to submit it to CCB by COB Friday, or we’ll have to delay the DOPs too. On the lighter side we got approval for our IDE.”

And sadly to say, few people are brave enough to call them on their ridiculous use of language.

Language is meant for communication. Communication takes place…


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