15 virtual AI assistants for digital marketers

A quick look at AI digital assistants to carry out marketing tasks (track metrics, detect anomalies, analyze ads, create and publish content, suggest how to optimize campaigns, generate reports)

Victoria Fast
Oct 9, 2017 · 3 min read

Inspired by Seth Louey I decided to share this list of virtual AI assistants for digital marketers. Hope you will find some useful assistants to carry out your marketing tasks.

To create and publish content

#1 Yala — a chatbot that uses machine learning to find the best time to schedule social media posts. Channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack.

#2 Martin — content curation bot powered by A.I. Martin learns what you post to your Page and finds new content for you. Channels: Facebook. Platforms: Facebook Messenger.

#3 Rocco — will suggest fresh content that your followers are likely to engage with. Spend less time coming up with content strategies and crafting social-media posts. Platforms: Slack.

To track metrics and get reports

#4 Statsbot — monitors your application’s metrics by integrating with tools like Google Analytics, Salesforce and Mixpanel. Platforms: Slack.

#5 Hunch — the fastest way to check on all PPC campaigns across Facebook and Adwords at once. Channels: Facebook, Adwords, Twitter. Platforms: Slack.

#6 Revere — get critical alerts in Slack for AdWords campaigns and Optimizely experiments. Channels: Adwords, Optimizely. Platforms: Slack.

#7 Maisie — AI-powered marketing analyst. Maisie’s goal is to help you be more effective with your marketing so you can successfully grow your business. Integrated with Google analytics. Platforms: Slack.

#8 Reveal — your personal marketing assistant who warns you when you lose money on ads. Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Youtube. Platforms: Slack.

To make decisions and optimize ad campaigns

#9 Leadza — a personal advertising assistant for Facebook marketers that sends daily optimizations tips which saves you ad spend and improve campaign performance. Channels: Facebook, Instagram. Platforms: Facebook Messanger.

#10 Aiden — AI powered virtual colleague for marketers that helps you spend your marketing budget efficiently. Integrated with Google analytics. Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype, SMS.

#11 Crystal — turn data into clear answers with the latest technologies in order to help modern-day marketers and companies make better decisions to reach their targets. Channels: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn. Platforms: Mobile Website, iOS, Android.

#12 IBM Watson Marketing Assistant — is intended to simplify the analysis and decisions made by marketers trying to understand the effects of different components on their campaigns. Powered by voice.

To create and run simple marketing campaigns

#13 Kit — helps drive sales by doing everything from creating Facebook ads, to sending thank you emails, to handling the other apps that you use with your Shopify store. Channels: Email, Facebook, Instagram, MMS, Bold aps, Yotpo. Platforms: Facebook Messуnger, SMS, Telegram.

#14 Joy — is an AI powered virtual assistant to run personalized 1v1 marketing campaigns on social media and messaging channels. Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Platforms: Mobile Website.

To get marketing advice

#15 GrowthBot — gives you useful information in a fast, friendly chat interface. It’s built for marketing, sales and others working on driving growth for companies. Uses Google analytics and Hubspot data. Platforms: Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter.

This list does not pretend to be complete. It would be great if you will help to add new solutions for marketers that you already use and like. Your comments and suggestions are welcome!

Victoria Fast

Written by

Founder&CEO at Leadza.ai — virtual AI assistant for digital marketers

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