Building an agile brand to thrive in the connected world

Technology has never played a bigger part in our lives. It’s what connects us to one another.

The new world or the connected world has shifted the way people interact, consume and react. It has transformed expectations, consumers now have a vast array of choices available just a touch away. In this world, the brands are not anymore known by their logo, colours or an ambassador, all has shifted into one big snowball of experience.

Coherent experience is what defines your brand.

The first movers and the ones who understood the importance of embracing the digital-first mindset, have swept their industry and are continuously evolving to the rhythm of the fast-changing demands.

It’s not merely just evolving to the future but creating it and enabling oneself to lead from the front — pushing boundaries

It’s not merely just satisfying consumer needs but pushing boundaries and challenging oneself to adapt to the unknown what lies ahead, especially before competitors

Airbnb put the idea of ‘belonging’ at the heart of every touchpoint. Netflix’s design and motion language showcase the content you love. Uber’s recent rebrand unifies its services with a modern, relevant visual system. And trillion-dollar giant Amazon completely re-framed expectations of service and delivery.

To disrupt their respective sectors, these four all understood one thing: the power of experience as a differentiator. They take people on a journey that conveys their brand values and personality at every touchpoint.