Summoner’s Log #2

I Played The Fuck Outta That Match

I was going to use this second entry to better frame my approach to writing this diary, but fuck it.

I played a good game as Sona in the bot* lane and I’m pretty jazzed about that fact.

I laned well* + warded well* + maxed my Q before my W & E* for more aggressive play + and got off some some solid CC skillshots* with my R* which landed some nice assists* + helped take two dragons* before we took the Nexus.*

Good shit, good shit.

All-in-all, not a bad night for a mid-tier scrub.

Note to self: Make sure Summoner’s Log #3 has more words.
Note to self Part 2: Keep doing the Diary because Good Guy Joe Byrne actually made you some dank ~graphics~ (the sweet banner + icon combo) to legitimize your adventures.


Level: 13
Status: Still A Scrub
Main Champion: Sona (Support)
Main Champion Mastery: Keeper (Level 3) [I leveled up!]
Secondary Champion: Lux (Support)
Feelin’ Reckless Champion: Sivir (AD Carry)
Last Match: Win (5v5) [ S- A B C D ]


* The main map on which League matches are played is a field broken into home and enemy bases, three lanes (top, middle, and bottom) and jungle territory between each of these lanes. I generally play Champions who do their best work in the bot, or bottom, lane for the first portion of a match before roaming the rest of the map as the game progresses.

* In a Support role, ‘laning’ means helping one’s teammate kill tiny cute enemy minions in order to level up faster than the enemy Champions in our shared lane. This gives players a considerable edge over their opponents in the early portion of a match.

* To ‘ward’ means to illuminate parts of the map that are hidden by strategicaly dropping ‘vision wards’ in various map locations. This facilitates better tracking of enemy movement.

* To reach the final tier of a Champion’s basic attack, which is usually mapped to the Q key on one’s keyboard, while the W, E , and R keys tend to execute varied and Champion-unique tactics.

* CC = ‘Crowd Control,’ which is a means for controlling team fights either by stunning, silencing, or slowing enemy Champions. CC greases the wheels for teammates to better damage the enemy by temporarily lowering their defenses.

* The R key is reserved for Champion-unique ‘ultimate’ tactics, which can either be offensive or defensive, and a gamechanger when executed correctly.

* Skillshots are player actions/Champion abilities that require direction-targeting and careful mouse clicks. They are easy to miss, and generally have longer waiting periods, or cooldowns, before they can be used again.

* In a Support role, the goal is to achieve assists, or contributions to an enemy kill, rather than credit for the kill itself. Kills come with XP rewards, which grant new skills to Champions by leveling them over the course of the match, and Gold rewards, which a player uses to buy items that make Champions stronger.

* Dragons are monsters on the map that, when solo-killed by a Champion or killed by the entire team, will grant a buff, or temporary boost to a Champion’s stats. Dragons spawn at different times in a match and provide critical team wide boosts that can be gamechangers.

* The Nexus is the base. The goal of any League match is always to destroy the other team’s Nexus. This signals the end of a match.