Summoner’s Log #6

Everything Is A Frenzied, Colorful Blur

Dear Diary,

It’s almost March 2016 and I’ve been pretty terrible about keeping you up to date. The amount of times I’ve apologized to your forefathers for reckless abandonment is numerous, but it’s in your design to forgive me every time, which is why I’ll always come back.

I hate coffee because it hurts my belly, but I’m slightly mad with carb-withdrawal, so let’s pretend we’re catching up over a cup like old friends.

New Year’s Resolutions — A Follow-Up

You may recall that I implemented a reward-based system to help me better adhere to my NYE resolutions.

The plan was to associate each of my 2016 goals with any number of League Champion skins I’ve been salivating over for months as motivation.

But while I’m happy to report that I’ve ticked Project Ichi (deadline: January 2016) off my list, I’ve yet to reward myself with the DJ Sona (pictured above) skin.

Why? Because it costs too much goddamn money. The normal price for this skin is 3250 RP (Riot Points), which translates to roughly $25.

With that money I can buy myself like an entire week’s worth of food, several ebooks, a couple albums, or a single new video game. So! As much as I love DJ Sona, and am proud of accomplishing the text game that it took to earn her, I’ve rerouted that money to something far more useful and bought Order of the Lotus Karma on sale for like $3 instead.

OotL Karma was originally meant to be my Project Sommelier (deadline: June 2016) completion award, but given that I’m a lot more price sensitive than I thought I’d be when I made my resolutions, I’m letting myself buy 1) whatever the hell looks cool the day I hit my goal and 2) is cheap enough to justify dropping some money on purely cosmetic joy.

Currently, I’m on target with my resolutions, so that is a cool thing! I’m proud.

On Scrub Status — Current Level

In my last entry I was a pretty solid, competent-for-my-level 14.

I’m happy to report that I’ve now cracked the 20s! As of this moment, I’m relaxing at a less solid, somewhat-shaky-for-my-level 21. And while it doesn’t feel great, it feels pretty okay. I’ve certainly had my bad games, but I’ve had enough good games to keep the learning process fun.

Since my last entry, Jhin, the latest Marksman champion, has also been released. I’m still focusing on mastering Support, which means I’ve been cycling through a few different support champions lately, but eventually I’ll get around to trying him out on one of my other experimental accounts.

Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to say that 1) his theme is absolutely beautiful (check it out above! It’s great!) and 2) his voice acting is absurdly hot. A few different people have bandied around the idea of a League Dating Sim on Twitter Dot Com and I will shamelessly say that I am 100% interested in that idea.

The Jhin thirst is pretty real.

On Support Class — My Girls

So I began my League experience on Sona, whom I still love very much. She carried me from levels 1–14 or so, and taught me the foundations of positioning and timing, so I think I’ll always feel an attachment to her because you never forget your first love.

I’ve since moved first onto Karma, who has a really fun and powerful moveset, and finally onto Morgana (pictured above), who I currently feel most comfortable and capable playing in PVP matches. I say ‘comfortable’ because Morgana is less squishy than Sona, and ‘capable’ because she’s been optimized to fit the current season’s recommended play styles across the board.*

I play support because I super enjoy protecting my teammates, of course, but also because it’s satisfying to land kills on enemy players when they least expect them. I ❤ Morgana because she’s great at starting fights with her Q (a binding attack that roots champions to the spot for a few seconds), great for saving her lane partners with her E (a shield that blocks attacks), and great for bleeding damage over time with her W (a ground attack that saps health).

Plus, her R (a rooting attack with a large, team-wide radius) can be pretty risky to pull off to maximum effect, so I’m being forced to learn how to use the Actives* on the items I buy in games to greater effect!

(More specifically, I’m learning how to initiate and then not die using Zhonya’s Hourglass, an item that, when activated, renders the activating champion invulnerable but also immobile for 2.5 seconds. Thus far, I’ve been able to pull this off like twice, and it’s felt sooooooo good. So good. Sigh.)

Winding Down…

So! It’s been a pretty eventful couple of months!

The more I level, the more I realize how little I know about this game…

Which is actually very exhilarating and super fun.

I’ve decided that in the future I’ll start adding screenshots of post-game lobby stats to these entries, because 1) I’m becoming more and more interested in archiving my player progression data and 2) everything’s so much better with pictures.

Oh, and listening to more of the official League music.

Because it’s tighter than it has any right to be.


Main Account Level: 21
Second Account Level: 11 (Super Sekret)
Coworker Account Level: 4 (Haven’t been playing together much)
Status: Still A Scrub
Main Champion: Morgana (Support)
Main Champion Mastery: Invoker (Level 3)
Secondary Champion: Karma (Support)
Feelin’ Reckless Champion: Ashe (AD Carry)
Last Match: Win (5v5) [ S A- B C D ]
Last Match Kills/Deaths/Assists: 2 / 3 / 12
League Sempai Feedback
: Stay behind the minion wave & work on Black Shield* timing in lane.

* There’s a more jargon-rich way to talk about this tweaking, but you’re a casual diary, not a technical one, so I’m going to continue keeping language as broad as possible.

* Some items have Active and Passive benefits. Passives require no action from the player, but Actives require quick reaction times and player focus.

* Black Shield is Morgana’s E ability.

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