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the blockchain MMO is finally unveiled.

Table of contents

  • Open Beta
  • The first look
  • Land & Dev rewards


On July 3rd at UTC 12:00, League of Kingdoms Beta version has been unveiled. The beta period is not determined but will likely be up to 2 weeks.

Few important facts about the beta in a nutshell:

  • The version will be only available on the PC web browser.
  • The beta will be public and will be open to anyone regardless of their previous involvement or land ownership.
  • We will stage all features in open spec to test all errors across the game.
  • To collect and optimize feedback, bugs, and suggestions, the game will continuously go through iterations of updates. This may cause some functions/features to be disabled from time to time in the process.

After the Beta, both android and iOS versions along with PC browser one will be released for users to enjoy wherever they are.


The initial traction was great with more than 2,000 kingdoms settling in the genesis continent only 3 days into the beta opening.

As of 7th July, a total of 93 alliances created and many of them are made of more than 30 kingdoms. Below are the top 5 alliances at the time of writing.

Below is a user-created video that walks you through the initial game set up. Credit to Blockchain Gaming World


Land value appreciation

After the 2 land presales and 2 weeks, LoK Land tokens have demonstrated a healthy appreciation of their property value in the open market.

According to a report from Contxt.io, a leading digital assets analytics firm, the average price has risen from $38.12 and $54.9 for Land presale 1 and 2 respectively, to $76.99 after the presales. The property valuation has grown in whooping 40% in less than a month of time.

Development rewards

For the 3 days into Beta, despite the low key release, we have seen some impressive returns from owning and actively developing the Land assets.

Cumulative rewards for 3 days were 1277.3151 in DAI.

Given the approximately 3,000 outstanding Lands (owned), the average of 0.14 DAI was given to each landowner for developing the properties. If you take into account the average landholdings of 6 and average days in the month of 30, your monthly return can well be 25.54 DAI. That’s lucrative 9% monthly ROI, without even considering the asset’s own resale value.



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