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🐉Drago Genesis Q&A — part #1

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We have picked the 50 best questions from the community and rewarded the questioners with NFTs. Here is the gist of them.

Is it mandatory to have Drago play or is it optional?

  • No, Drago is optional for gameplay's sake.

Will the dragons move alongside the troops in the future and are they upgradeable or not?

  • Yes, you can deploy Drago alongside your marching troops.

What is the cost of a Drago egg?

  • The price of the Drago egg at genesis is not yet determined. But the genesis will only accept $LOKA as a currency.
League of Kingdoms Arena ERC-20 token

Will there be a rare and normal Drago?

  • There will be two-tiered parts: normal and legendary, which Dragos will be born with.

Will the Dragos have a name?

  • Yes, you will be able to name your Dragos.

Can Drago breed?

  • Yes, Drago can be bred.

How many Drago types do you have? Can it mix or breed?

  • There are 5 elemental types and they can be crossbred.

Will the Drago Genesis contain a mine component or just another type of troops in the game?

  • The primary utility case of Drago is to acquire the right to get $DST. One of the avenues where the Dragos can acquire $DST is $DST mines, where you will send a Dragonian march to. If they successfully mine the $DST, they will come back with a load of $DST tokens.
  • $DST is an in-game utility currency that will be used on multiple occasions across the League of Kingdoms game platform.

Can we ride on Drago??

  • 🐉 We hope so, but not likely at the get-go and possibly in the future.

What tokens can we earn? $LOKA or others?

  • It is not mandatory for you to have Drago earn $LOKA, but necessary to earn $DST.

Can I borrow Drago from a friend?

  • Yes, a rental feature will be baked into the new Drago NFT system.

Would the Drago launch make the owners overpowered to a point where non-owners get bored and leave??

  • Nope, Dragos are not powerful enough to change the course of the battle or game. The troops, research, and strategy will still play a key role in influencing the battle results.

Where can I get stickers?

  • Drago stickers are given away in the LOK official and its partners’ communities. Please join us at 👾Discord | 💬Telegram | 🐦Twitter

What is the difference between the legendary and the other Dragos?

  • The legendary parts will be a multiplier to the buff stats of the part. Also, there will be a set effect to having multiple legendary parts on your Drago.

How will Dragos work when we do rallies? Do all the troops get buffed by the rally leaders Drago?

  • You will be able to choose a Drago among many that are in your lair. For the rallies, buff of your rally leader’s Drago will be in effect. Only the rally members with Drago will be able to acquire $DST tokens.

Will Dragos be able to fight against other Dragos?

  • Yes, there will be many game modes and mini-games that will be built around the Dragos, including the Dragonian arena (PvP Arena)

About the Drago, what kinds are those special breeds first found by king Khuppa in the highland of Ararat? What specific breeds are those and what differentiates them from nonspecial breeds?

  • The ancient epic about the origin bred has been handed down from age to age. Yet, their whereabouts have not been confirmed.

Will Dragos die in the war?

  • Dragos will not die in the battle, they will fly back to your castle if your troops are all dead.

How does Drago mine the $DST?

  • You can send a march with Drago to $DST mines. Your troops will be guarding against enemy attacks while your Drago is mining within the mine.

Will they only be used in CvC wars?

  • No, Drago will be used at multiple points across the game.

Once you have the sticker collection, how cheap are the Dragos?

  • When you collect all 5 stickers to complete the pack, you are guaranteed to purchase up to 3 Dragos without competition.

What can we do to make the Dragos stronger?

  • There will be a taming component to Drago which will unlock the full potential of your Drago. The detailed mechanics will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

If I don’t have #Drago can I earn $DST or not?

  • No, you must have a #Drago to earn $DST.

Is there a daily limit & total cap of $DST to earn per Drago?

  • Yes, there will be a daily supply limit of $DST in each bracket.

Can you earn both $LOKA & $DST with Dragos?

  • Yes, you can earn both $LOKA & $DST with Dragos, and you may earn $LOKA with or without Drago. Drago doesn’t “directly” increase your $LOKA earnings.

To be whitelisted for the Drago drop, can we acquire the 4 regular Dragos and one legendary, or do we have to own the full pack? Also, do the four regular Dragos have to be different?

  • If you collect 4 regular and one legendary sticker, you will be able to mint them into one full pack on our website (http://leagueofkingdoms.com/). And the four regular Dragos must be different. (Instruction: https://medium.com/league-of-kingdoms-eng/introducing-drago-sticker-nft-2796b0f9e756)

Are there any differences like genesis dragons with multiple elements,will it have an impact on the attributes of the army?

  • Yes, the elements have their strength and weaknesses over each other. This will be a pivotal part of many upcoming contents around Drago.

How will the breeding aspect be implemented in relation to playing the game and the use of tokens to do so? Which came first, the token or the egg?

  • The breeding will require two Dragos. Then you will be able to acquire an egg NFT, which you can trade as well as to hatch and get a new Drago.

Are the different 5 elements only aesthetic or will also influence the p2e

  • The 5 elements are more than aesthetic and will have their utilities in the future content. But the elemental effect will not influence the P2E.

Are the dragons some sort of Tamagotchi, where you can interact with them, and maybe you can fight other dragons?

  • Sure, you can think of them as a sort of Tamagotchi. You can interact and tame them, as well as compete with other Dragos.

Is there a limit on the total number of Dragos?

  • The genesis will be 10,000 Dragos, but the future reproduced population of Dragos will not have a limit.

When the Drago will be released?

  • The Drago genesis is slated to happen in mid- or late-May 2022.

Where will the Dragos be shown in the game?

  • Both in the lair inside of a castle and outer field. Also, there will be a dedicated UI to look into your Drago lair.

Does Drago have breeding counts?

  • Yes, we expect it to be 5, but to be determined based on further simulation and analysis.

In what way we can get ourselves, a/few Drago, through p2e playstyle after the whitelist deadline?

  • Unfortunately, there will not be any Drago supply after the Drago genesis/deadline, since that is all the eggs that have been unearthed from the Temple of Khuppa.

Are the Dragos having a similar leveling system similar to lands?

  • Dragos has a taming system where you can upgrade them, but it will be quite different from the Land leveling mechanism.

Does Drago have skills?

  • Dragos will have various buffs but they will be more passive ones instead of active skills.

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League of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer (MMO) strategy game that is centered around building kingdoms and governing the world. Here the player can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across the blockchain.

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