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🐉Drago Genesis Q&A — part #2



How does the DST in coordination with the Dragos or eggs?

  • DST stands for the Dragon Soul Tokens. Dragon Soul Tokens are forged with the Dragon Soul Amber which is often found and can be mined from the ancient spirit stone where the dark magic has captured the Dragon Soul into a giant crystal. With the acquired Dragon Soul Amber, you can mint DST tokens which can then be burnt to incarnate into Drago Eggs.

Will the $DST be similar to the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) and will be used to breed #dragons?🐉🧩

  • $DST is partially similar to the SLP, but it will come with many more utilities from day 1, as $DST is based on the sophisticated MMORTS game, League of Kingdoms.

How much will Drago eggs cost in the genesis sale and what forms of payment will be collected?

  • The Drago eggs’ cost has not been confirmed but it is likely to be between 50 to 150 LOKA. And the only form of payment accepted will be the $LOKA coin.

How can you guarantee stability in the $DST price? Will there be a system for burning tokens or a lottery for users?

  • We often envision $DST to be the stable coin for the League of Kingdom metaverse. We will have multiple utility cases where the $DST will be used along with a few new games and interoperable games/projects where the Dragos can be brought in and interoperate.

Can a player earn a DST token when performing a mission without having a dragon?

  • No, Drago NFT is a minimum requirement for you to get a chance to earn $DST tokens.

How do we obtain $DST in the future? Monster hunting? Gathering? Quest?

  • All of them and more. DST will be used for breeding, training, upgrading Lairs, and for dungeons from the initial phase, but more utility cases will be used as the new Drago game matures.

Any airdrop of $DST is planned?

  • DST can only be acquired from the game. No additional liquidity can be generated external to the game content.

Can we earn it in the game or do we need to buy it from the market?

  • The primary means to acquire $DST will be through playing the game with Drago.

How much is $DST in total? Are you adding an additional burning mechanism to $DST to ensure it is not over-minted?

  • There is no cap, but there will be various game-theoretic levers/utility cases(burns)/reservoirs to keep the $DST economy in good hands and severe inflationary/deflationary harms at bay.

There is already a compensation system by LOKA. and You said “real start of P2E with Drago, $DST “ in Twitter, what is the difference and What is the main purpose that you design for this game’s Ecosystem.

  • The Drago will add another daily P2E mode to the current resource market where most of our P2E-focused users are active on. This additional avenue to play to earn will largely enrich the game economy and attract the next wave of million gamers to the League of Kingdoms game world.

What will be the main advantage of DST coin? and do we have to use DST to raise our drago??

  • DST as an in-game utility token will be used across the game for multiple utility cases to help gamers improve their game. Among many others, DST can be used toward training your Dragos.

The money consumed to buy Drago, go where?

  • They will all enter the council vault; As laid down in the token value loop model, the majority of values, if not all, that are created in the game whether it be game revenues or proceeds from NFT sales will be captured by the council vault which is potentially controlled by LOKA community DAO.

How many dragons do you need to participate in a private sale of $DST?

  • There will not be a private sale of $DST tokens.

How can I get $DST in the game? Will the token be needed to breed Dragos? Will it be released alongside Drago?

  • Yes, there will be multiple supply routes for the DST tokens. Just to name a few, the ancient spirit stone, battles, and quests. But you will need to own or rent a Drago to enjoy these.

How Can we earn DST? is there a daily quest reward? Or is it for the top-rank player reward?

  • While LOKA can be earned through ranking rewards, DST will be earned through more daily activities and quests.

What is the first target price of $dst?

  • TBD; we will defer the decision to the Mr.market. Perhaps, a good benchmark may be the initial value of SLP?

Open an in-game token burning system?

  • Absolutely. There will be many in-game DST burning and locking mechanisms.

If $DST is collected in quest battle and farm, will it be limited per day or unlimited? if is unlimited does the action point increase per attack?

  • Yes, there will be limits applied based on multiple factors including the size of the lairs in your castle.

Is DST somehow linked with the land?

  • Possibly but TBD. We are keen on making such linkages and building composable utilities between our native NFT assets like Lands, Skins, and Resources.

Can you own a Drago forever? If will it be consumed or lost in the process of the game?

  • Yes and Yes, your NFT assets are permanently owned by you, but you can choose to authorize the contract to consume or burn them for another utility. It is up to your decision.

What difference would the use of $DST have with $SLP since they have, I believe, the same functionality?

  • DST and SLP are comparable only for their breeding utility. DST will have a whole gamut of additional utility cases.

The $DST can be used to purchase packages within the game, such as gold, wood, crystals, etc?

  • No, the DST will not be used to purchase packages.

When do dragons start synthesizing??

  • If you mean the Chimeric Fusion, I will need to ask Nestor and Edgar about that. He seems to be working full-time on it, so should be ready in a month or two?

About League of Kingdoms

League of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer (MMO) strategy game that is centered around building kingdoms and governing the world. Here the player can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across the blockchain.

The LANDs are NFTs transparently and verifiably stored on the blockchain network, so players can own and trade freely. Gamers can not only own a parcel of Land, but various resources therein, and the future growth of the game platform.

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About League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)

League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) is League of Kingdoms’ native governance token and will be the cornerstone for the game project’s expansion into metaverses where communities of gamers can own and thrive.

The LOKA will be utilized as the currency inside the League of Kingdoms game franchise for all in-game store purchases, such as purchasing packages, skins, goods. Additionally, the LOKA token will act as an NFT booster to create, upgrade, and acquire special NFT assets, including but not limited to Drago and Skin NFTs. The token will be also used to propose and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features, policies, content, and/or parameters of the game. Last but not least LOKA tokens can also be earned by playing the in-game competition and/or achieving special tasks — for example after each Continent vs. Continent (CvC) battle, winners will be rewarded with LOKA tokens (and potentially rarer NFT item rewards) depending on the performance during the battle.

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