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Nuts and bolts for participating in the land presale on PC

Table of contents:

  • Wallet setup
  • Getting ethereum
  • How to buy Land

👛WALLET SETUP: an example of Metamask


Metamask is one of the most popular Ethereum wallets out there, which you can even add on top of your browser, like Chrome.

There are two good videos that walk you through on the Metamask journey.

Once the wallet is set up, you can sign in with your browser add-on to create your Ethereum wallet address and start using our land portal.

We will have few other wallets available to use as listed below and more!

On PC web (Desktop)

On Mobile web



“We decided a wallet to start the journey with. Now it’s time to get our first Ethereum! Follow along!”


Ethereum is the largest smart contract platform used by global users.

You can buy its cryptocurrency, ETH in a few different ways. this not an exhaustive list and there are constantly new and innovative methods to get your first Ethereum.

  • Buy from Exchanges: You can use credit cards or bank transfer to buy ETH on most exchanges, including Coinbase, Wyre, Binance, and many other local exchanges.
a sample list of exchanges offering Ethereum
  • Buy from brokerage platforms: below are some suggested services.

MoonPay provides seamless fiat-to-crypto purchase services.

Wyre lets you use a credit card to deposit ETH right into your wallet.

Coinswitch provides you simple options to use your favorite credit cards to exchange your fiat for Crypto.

“Job well done! You got your first ETH, what’s the next step?”

If you succeeded in getting your ETH, you have to send them to your wallet address that you would like to use on the League of Kingdoms Land portal.

On your exchanges, copy your new wallet address in the Recipient window to proceed. Then confirm the transaction, with another few validation steps and a few seconds, the ETH has been transferred.

If you are using brokerage platforms, you will have an option onsite to send your ETHs to your preferred wallet address which you will link to the land portal.

*You should double-check and make sure that your ETH wallet address is accurate. If sent, the transaction is irreversible.

“You have some ETH in your wallet address. You’re all set to buy some LAND and start your LoK journey!!”


We will walk you through the exciting journey to own your first Lands on the genesis continent!

  1. Go to the Land portal!
  2. Integrate your Ethereum wallet (below is an example of your PC web view on test net)

3. Once your wallet is integrated, you can start shopping

There are two modes which you can buy lands: basic & advanced mode(see red box below)

  • Basic: Easy check out where you will select your Land level and quantity. You can set a number of lands for each land. If you select multiple same leveled lands, the system will make the best possible effort to auto-select adjacent lands. Please note there is an availability counter on the right side of the bar.
Basic checkout
  • Advanced: Custom checkout where you can select the location of your land within the map. Select a zone and then click each patch of land. On the right side, you will see your selection and total amount of the order.
Advanced checkout

After selection, you will see the total amount of your order and a purchase button down below in orange.

4. you made up your mind, it’s time to confirm your purchase: if you click the orange purchase button, your wallet interface will pop up. You can review your purchase amount and can proceed to confirm.

5. Your purchase in progress!

You can view the progress in the “My order” tab of the “My Account” section. Once complete, your order status in the table will turn from “In-progress” to “Complete”

6. Tada!! Congratulations, Now the Lands 🏰 are yours!!

You can check your lands in the “My Lands” tab of the “My Account” section.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us through our media channels below.

Great job! See you in the land portal~!!



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