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World’s first decentralized MMO strategy game

This post will cover the below topics:

  • Brief Game Introduction — MMO Strategy game on Blockchain.
  • Concepts of gameplay on the League of Kingdoms’s ecosystem
  • Bird's eye view of the League of kingdoms ecology


League of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer strategy game that is centered around building kingdoms and governing the world.

League of Kingdoms Trailer

This decentralized continent will be released on Ethereum in the first half of 2020. We will reshape the way games are played, together with you, ushering in the generation of ‘game-as-an-ecosystem’ !!!

You can come and join our journey by:

🏗️ Build a powerful kingdom and army!

⚔️ Battle w/other kingdoms for the hegemony!

👑 Rule wisely with other kingdoms!

🏆 Compete and Win contests!

💱 Trade blockchain tokens across decentralized Web 3.0 economy

We have shed some light on the backdrop of the development of this massively multiplayer(MMO) strategy game in this blog.


Our continent will be placed on the Ethereum blockchain network.

In the continent, gamers can build their kingdoms on a LAND owned by the gamer him/herself or another person. With blockchain technology, gamers can BUILD, BATTLE, RULE, COMPETE & TRADE.

Let’s dive right in!


Gamers can build their kingdoms and armed troops to protect your citizens and fight the enemies.


Gamers can raise their troops, lords, and team up with other kingdoms to form alliances. The alliances will compete for the hegemony of the continent and the others continents thereafter.


Once you take over the congress, you will rule the world by cooperating with other kingdoms and even other continents. Also, various governance features leveraging blockchain technology will be introduced in the future to help you govern wisely!


There will be various events, contests, and competitions where you can prove your power against other players. There will be lucrative rewards for the winners!


🏘️OWN: Gamers can own LAND and other NFT assets forever! They can purchase them from the official game store or from other gamers on the decentralized marketplace, opensea.io. The ownership is transparently verifiable on the blockchain ledger, so you can have peace of mind.

💰EARN: Gamers can EARN cryptocurrency based on their NFT ownership, effort, talent, intuition, and time!! The game’s smart contract will set aside a portion of the game’s profit to reward active gamers and landlords. For example, you can get daily DAI rewards from your land holdings which you can withdraw or reinvest into the gameplay.

📦 TRADE: Gamers can enjoy free trade wherever, whenever, and with whomever. Your game assets can be utilized in countless ways even outside of our game ecosystem. For example, a gamer can sell a game asset for sale to another gamer in person. The change of hand can seamlessly take place with or without the help of a game developer.

🗳️ GOVERN: Gamers can take part in the decision-making process through blockchain governance! All processes are trustless and transparently provable on the blockchain, so gamers can be empowered. For example, gamers can vote for new game content and the most votes can be implemented in the next update.


The League of Kingdoms’ ecology consists of below 5 layers.

  1. BLOCKCHAIN🔗: we chose Ethereum for our first continent. The blockchain layer will fuel the game’s true ownership, interoperable economy, and transparent governance mechanism.
  2. LAND: LAND will be a Non-fungible Real Estate placed on the Ethereum blockchain layer. These LANDs will have different values that you can monetize while you play, earn, own, trade and govern.
  3. KINGDOMS👑: On top of the LANDs, multiple small and primitive medieval civilizations will take hold, also called ‘KINGDOM’. Gameplay starts from the KINGDOM and you can nurture a prosperous city-state and powerful army on the foundation.
  4. ALLIANCE🏴󠁣󠁬󠁡󠁮󠁿: ALLIANCE (a.k.a. LEAGUE of kingdoms) is a clan that you form with other kingdoms. The ALLIANCE will be the centerpiece for sophisticated diplomacy, trade relations, and governance of the continent.
  5. CONGRESS🏠: CONGRESS, also known as ‘Continental Congress’ is a body of leaders that govern the entire continent. The leadership (Chancellory, ministers, etc) will be elected officials, voted by ALLIANCES. The CONGRESS leadership will decide on reward, dividend, many other things in the game…!!

We will walk through these in detail in our upcoming blogs.


🏰 Website: https://www.leagueofkingdoms.com
⛳️ LAND Portal:
👾 Discord:
👥 Telegram:
🐦 Twitter:
🎮 Play Game:
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