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How to develop your tokenized estates

Table of contents

  • How to develop Land
  • Development Reward
  • Resource Reward

We already covered what the land tokens are and why we want them.
For this post, we will deep dive into HOW we can utilize them to enjoy the game and earn rewards.


⚔️Dev points & Land level are underpinning the LoK land economy.

⚔️Dev points are added when you develop mines and/or consume crystals. The dev points will determine your development rewards in DAI and the Land level.

⚔️Dev points are determinant of the land’s Land level. The land level affects the quality of resources that spawn on the land, thus indirectly impacting your resource reward output.

⚔️ Development reward (in DAI) & Resource reward will accumulate on a daily basis. You can claim Development rewards from the land portal and resource rewards within the game. All track records of rewards will be recorded and available to see on the land portal.


The land is an NFT real estate that you can own and get a handsome reward out of.

There are two things to keep in mind regarding land development.

  1. Development Points
  2. Land levels

In simple terms, you can think of experience points and Levels in RPG games. But LoK’s land level system is a bit more nuanced than simple absolute numeric levels on RPG. Let’s dive into the details!


The development point is like experience points in the RPG games. Your qualified activities add a point to your accumulated points and can only increase.

There are three ways to add a development point: resource mining, crystal consumption.

Resource mining:

  • if 50,000 x resources are collected on land, that land gets a development point. There are 4 types of resources: lumber, corn, gold, and stones.

Crystal mining:

  • You get development a dev point for mining 5 crystals. (You get the same for consuming the freshly mined crystals)

Crystal consumption:

  • If you consume 1x crystals, it adds 1/5 Dev-point for that particular land and 1/40 D-points for all 8 of your adjacent lands bordering your land.

“Why does development point matter?”

The development point is used for two primary purposes: land level and development rewards.

  • Land level evaluation: D-point is used to reevaluate the land level.
  • Development reward calculation: You will receive the DAI reward for your development contributions based on your cumulative development points.


The land level is a metric that determines the quality of reserves, mines, and monsters that spawn on your land. Higher-level reserves and monsters give you more resources, treasures, and outputs. High-level lands will allure more competent kingdoms and alliances to your land, creating a virtuous cycle.

Also, keep in mind, the Dev-level will determine your resource rewards which will be a portion of the entire resource collected from your land. Owning a high-level land will bring you more resources to consume for your kingdoms or pack into valuable NFTs.

“So how do I improve my land’s D-level?”

The land level is determined by Dev points periodically based on a reevaluation schedule. The reevaluation will be based on “relative evaluation” comparing your LAND against other user-owned LAND properties.

There are 10 land levels (Lv1 ~ 10) but there are quantity caps for each level. The higher the D-level, the fewer the seats available.

So it is possible that a highly developed land at level 10 for one cycle may fail to sustain its level for the next and be relegated to level 9.

Of course, it is absolutely possible that your Level 3 land may level up to 4, 5, 6, or even higher if effectively developed.

summary of Land development


Development reward is a type of loyalty rewards in the form of DAI, a stable digital currency. The land comes with intrinsic rights to reward pool, a portion of the value generated by the game set aside to facilitate the development of lands. The landowners may need to make certain contributions to claim the rewards in DAI.

Development reward will be distributed primarily based on the D-points that each land has accumulated. Below is a formula for distributing the Development rewards.

The reward cycle will be daily and will be computed on UTC 00 for the entire revenue generated for the past 24 hours. The reward pool formed in fiat will then be converted to DAI and paid out when claimed on the land portal.

⚠️There are few ground rules applied for claiming and withdrawing development reward from the land portal:

  • Landowners will receive the entire unclaimed amount after fees (gas fee+)
  • The daily withdrawal limit applies 500 DAI per an Ethereum account
  • KYC or enhanced due diligence may be required for owners claiming DAI rewards when combined with the value received in the past, exceeding $500.


Another perk for owning land is getting a steady stream of resources collected from the land. It will be 5% of the entire resources that are collected in a day from the land. The inhabitants will still keep 100% of what they have collected or mined. The resulting resource reward pool can be claimed anytime in-game.

The resource reward pool will accumulate for 24 hours and the resource accumulation clock resets if claimed. If unclaimed in more than 24 hours, it will no longer grow thereafter until claimed, but all the history(track records)of resource accumulation will be recorded in the land portal for the owners and any other prospective land investors to look up.


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