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The Flash sale has just started!


The first Land main sale has finally begun. The sale will be in two folds over two days. The two days will fly by. Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity!

1)Dutch Auction — Land price goes down every 1 hour and 30 minutes for the amount 25% of the baseline price.

2) Fixed price sale — Remaining unsold Lands after the Dutch auction will be sold at a fixed baseline price (see below table)


  • Dutch Auction — Jan 13 UTC 00:00 — UTC 23:59
  • Fixed price sale — Jan 14 UTC 00:00 — UTC 23:59
  • LAND PORTAL 👉land.leagueofkingdoms.com


  1. Login to the Land Portal (👉land.leagueofkingdoms.com)

2. Login with your Ethereum wallet

3. Go to the Main Sale Page

  • You can either choose ‘Basic’ mode for quick checkout when you don’t have a specific Land in mind, or ‘Advanced’ if you already have a favorite location in mind.
Basic vs Advanced mode

4. Check out!

  • Select and Bag your Land NFTs
  • You can purchase with ETH or other ERC tokens via Kyber Swap.


  • You must have a little extra ETH in order to pay fees for the transaction.
  • You should check the ETH gas station for the optimal gas fees before you make the purchase. If you put too small a gas fee, you may not be able to secure the Lands.
  • It is not complete until you find the token in your ETH address: the transaction may fail or the targetted land may be poached by another buyer with higher gas fees
  • You may find nicely positioned Lands at the center of each zone where shrines are located.
  • You may find the best Lands at the center of the entire continent where the congress is located.
  • The objects (mines, monsters) on the Lands are variable. They will respawn periodically. Thus, you don’t have to worry about them.
  • You purchase one Land and own all the lands located at the coordinate across all existing continents (4x continents at the point of this article on January 13, 2021)
  • Don’t forget to share your referral link with your friends. When they participate in the Land Flash sale, both you and your friend will get free crystals!
Continent Map




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