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One and only chance to own LANDs at a discount

We learned previously about the LoK land system. For this story, we are excited to announce more detail about the upcoming presale of the Land token assets!! This story will cover the below topics.

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League of Kingdoms will open the first-ever presale of its Land tokens. The presale will transfer the allodial title of the properties to the users. Users can own and develop the land into more lucrative assets.

Owning land with active kingdoms will accumulate development and resource rewards. % of game revenue will form a reward pool and the pool will distribute DAI, a stable coin from MakerDAO, based on the development points of the lands. % of resources collected within a land will form a resource reward for landowners. (For development reward in DAI, you MAY need to pass contribution test and MAY need to go through enhanced due diligence for KYC/AML purposes in order to claim the rewards.)

on May 25 of 2020, the first-ever LoK land presale will start. The sale will happen on the ‘Land Portal’. (Specially designed website for land sale and management) Through two presale windows, up to 11% of Land tokens will be supplied at up to 30% discount and US$ 180 valued crystal bonuses. The remaining portions would be available for sale after launch (dates not determined).

You can purchase lands with ETH (based on daily USD spot price equivalent) Kyber swap will be integrated into the land portal to support other ERC 20 tokens (DAI, MANA, etc..)

“What is Land Token in the League of Kingdoms?”

Land token in League of Kingdom is the foundational building block of the League of Kingdoms’ continent. Each land is a real estate in the game platform that is tokenized in Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard which makes it a transparent and scarce asset that lives on the Ethereum blockchain, the largest smart contract platform in the world. Once minted and transferred to an owner, its ownership can never be altered, usurped, or manipulated without leaving a trace and consent of the owner. This attribute renders the Land scarcity, trust, and value just like lands in the real world.

Also, the assets may be used interoperably on other games or metaverses on Ethereum blockchain. The more utilities the NFT asset gets the higher value of it in the market.

More details about the LOK Land token can be found HERE!!

“Ok, what do I get if I purchase the lands??”

Just like typical real estate in the real world, the more users and development activities, the higher the value of the property.

For example, Once game launches, your land will attract and host many kingdoms (users) to settle and develop on your land. The more users spend time cultivating your lands, the higher your land’s development points grow. Your highly developed lands will qualify you for a bigger share of the reward pool.

The supply of land is limited but there are many more users who want to play the game on the continent. If the traffic exceeds the capacity of the genesis continent, there will be new continents freshly minted.

“If there will be more new continents, what on earth is the point in buying the land? :(”

“Good point but no worries! :)”

For the League of Kingdoms’ land sales, you are not only buying a single patch of land but the perpetual ownership of the coordinate itself.

Whenever new continents are minted, the same coordinate of the newly created continent will also belong to you, the original owner of the coordinate on the genesis continent. So imagine what will happen if there are 100 continents added. Your initial ownership of a single coordinate will entitles you the owner of 100x coordinates that actively produce resources and exponentially grow your rewards thereof.

“Let’s learn a bit more about the reward opportunities in owning the lands”


1.Development Reward

League of Kingdoms will accumulate a reward pool tracking 10% of all in-app purchases made on the game.

Based on your lands’ development points, your share of the accumulated reward pool will be determined.

Your land’s development points can increase through development activities or crystal consumptions. More detail can be learned from HERE.

The reward pool will accumulate in the form of DAI, a stable cryptocurrency. The reward frequency will be daily and at 00:00 UTC and all reward-related functions will be available on the Land portal. We will also integrate KYBER SWAP, a liquidity protocol to enable liquidity to other ERC tokens!!

2. Resource Reward

If you own lands, you can expect to get another perk: resource reward. You will get 5% of the resources that are collected within the land. The resource will accumulate in-game daily and you can log-into the game to claim them.

These resources will not be a tax levied on users on your land but quantity matched by the game’s smart contract to form the rewards. If the resources accumulate for 24 hours, the reserve will stop growing until the landowner claims and empties them. Additionally, the resource may be bundled and minted as NFTs. Sweet isn’t it?

You can learn more about Land ecology from HERE!


“Awesome! but I am still not convinced why I have to buy early at the presale?”

Lucky that you asked! By participating in our presale, you will get two amazing perks: high discount % and a crystal bonus!!🤩🤩🤩

  1. Discount🏷️: you will get your land at a 30% discounted price during the first presale and 20% during the second presale window.
  2. Crystal bonus💎: If you buy in our presales, you will get additional bonus crystals to kickstart your League of Kingdoms’ journey. Your purchase of Lv 6 lands will receive 18K bonus crystals ($180 value).

If you want to wait and see, you can also buy lands on our main sales window after launch, but the perks will not be there.


League of Kingdoms’ land is the tokenized real estate of the game ecosystem. The land presale will happen on a specially designed website called ‘Land Portal’ and the portal will be first unveiled on MAY 11th 2020.

The first presale will open on 25th MAY 2020 at UTC 00:00!

The presale will take place on the land portal and Opensea The currency used will be Ethereum but Kyber swap integration will allow usage of other ERC-20 tokens that Kyber supports.

As mentioned, lands are tokenized real estate with ownership right to its coordinate on any League of Kingdoms’ continents. The two presale windows will sell 11% of the available lands on the genesis continent and the rest will be available after launch in June.



During the week of time, you will be given time to do your own research about the portal and LoK lands.

Find more detail on LAND PORTAL HERE!


The land presale will make 11% of land on genesis continent available for sale at a deep discount of up to 30%!

Also, your land will come with an additional bonus of crystals valued at up to US$180. We are basically giving you back the purchase amount in crystals to help you kick start your journey on the continent!!

  • The first land presale will sell 2.9% of the total supply.
  • The second land presale will release another 7.8%.
  • The remainings will be available after-sale through several main sales.


  • Landowners must make just and equitable contributions to facilitate the development of the Lands that they own, in order to claim development rewards.
  • Landowners may be required to provide detailed documents and go through enhanced due diligence (KYC) process in order to claim rewards. If AML risk is identified, the rewards may be canceled or suspended.
  • Users’ participation in the presale constitutes the user’s agreement to the terms of the land portal.

🎮Let’s go to the Land Portal!!
🎮Let’s learn more about Land Development!!




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