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Phase 1 of the Land revisited


  • The Genesis
  • Land Development
  • Future plans



The genesis continent is the world’s first digital continent used for a Massive multiplayer strategy game, ‘League of Kingdoms’.

The continent is composed of 65,536 parcels of land and every one of the parcels is NFT, existing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Only one genesis continent exists on the entire Ethereum blockchain.

A part of the continents (about 3K of them) was sold through a month of presale in July 2020. Many of the presale participants still own the Lands and some have sold them for Ethereum.

Presale listing on the OpenSea.io

We told our landowners that they are owning the genesis coordinate, not a parcel of land.

So what does it mean by owning a genesis coordinate?

Since the presale, the game has added many new features and events as well as 3 brand new continents. Each continent house more than 10,000 kingdom accounts. More new continents are coming in the near future.

By buying and owning League of Kingdoms’ land tokens, you are owning the genesis coordinate, which means that your ownership stake of the game grows as the game scales. No matter how many new continents are added

For example, you purchased land #100 from the upcoming land sale. Now you own a genesis coordinate for parcel #100. On each and every continent, you own parcel #100 at an identical location. If there are 100 continents, you own 100 lands.

Now let’s dive into how Land 1.0 has been evolved over time.


Land token progress

The lands have developed nicely over the 5 months since the game release.

Top landowners gained nicely from the daily DAI rewards and the resources collected from their Lands.

Land rewards
Top 5 land owner’s reward history

More can be found from here

Land development

Land 1.0’s development mechanism has also evolved as the game economy did. The centerpiece of Land development lies in the concept called ‘Development points’.

Development points

The development points can be acquired from various routes as follows. There are three ways in a nutshell: Resources, Crystals, and straight usage of development point items.

  1. RESOURCES: By collecting from resource nodes located on your land, you can get points. In Land 1.0, you can add +1 Development point by gathering 100K resources.
  2. CRYSTALS: One of the most effective ways to add development points, is to consume crystals on your Lands. You can get crystals from various means, including but not limited to purchasing packages from stores, hunting monsters, clearing quests to collect crystal bounties, and gathering from crystal mines.
  3. DEV POINTS: Development points can be acquired from sacred shops. Sacred shops are located within the shrine. You must be part of an alliance that occupies the shrine and have the victor’s medals to purchase development points from the sacred shop.


  • LAND 2.0 will go live after the first main sale, ending on 26th JANUARY
  • TOTEM system will be introduced (TBA)
  • Single-play battle campaigns will be introduced (TBA)
  • Battleground arena will be introduced (TBA)
  • CvC (Continent vs Continent) will be introduced (TBA)
  • More in the pipeline awaits

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