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League of kingdoms Arena

[🥁Drum roll. Incrementing sound that builds suspense.]

Thanks for hanging in there~ Finally, what you’ve all been waiting for is coming!!🔥🔥

[🥁Drum ends with the loud bang, and… the spotlight]


If you’ve been following our medium blog post, you’ve probably expected it. This December, blockchain-based token economy will be introduced to the League of Kingdoms!

It has always been in our mind, but our primary goal was to build fun game first; A game which thousands can simply indulge without any strings attached. Little more than a year since launch, we’ve accomplished some of our goal with 25K strong daily active players demonstrating benchmark crushing metrics.

So, now is the time to embark on an adventure that we have long been dreaming of — Building a decentralized open gaming economy powered by native tokens!


The League of Kingdoms tokenomics will be built on the foundation of the dual-token model, powered by a governance token, $LOKA and a game-utility token, $SOD.

The SOD is worth another dedicated blog post, so will keep it hidden for now.

Now, meet our new governance tokens: LOKA!

LOKA stands for the League of Kingdoms Arena.

The LOKA (League of Kingdoms Arena) is a native governance token and its end goal is to fuel a player-owned governance system for the League of Kingdoms game metaverse.

As a LOKA holder, you will be able to enjoy rights to propose, vote, stake for yield, and spend or use to upgrade your game NFTs (Spoiler alert!: a whole new NFT system is just around the corner🐲). The token will be used across the game and its supporting infrastructures that will be built out in the next few months.

Its most foundational utility will be at its governance right to the game platform, which will be discussed in detail later.

📜 Litepaper is coming soon — check back here or the website in a few days!


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