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Mobile release & wrapping up the BETA


  • Special RT Event
  • Mobile versions
  • Public Beta wrap up


To celebrate the League of Kingdoms mobile launch, we are giving a Level 3 Land token to one lucky winner.

To win:

  • Retweet with a screenshot of your Land Development reward profile or your Level 5+ or above kingdom profile if you are not a Land owner.
  • Tag 3 friends.
  • Follow @LeagueKingdoms twitter channel.

Winner picked on July 27th

sample screenshot


League of Kingdoms Mobile is finally arriving for both iOS and Android.

On July 25 as we write, the mobile versions are properly submitted and being reviewed by Apple & Google team.

After the approval process, the game app will instantly be available to download from both Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

As rarely seen in the DApp game space, both of the mobile versions will be fully functional and compliant native apps ready to cater the mass market gamers.

The mobile versions will not accept crypto payments as it is required to use each platform’s own payment gateways.

After mobile version is launched, all new incoming kingdoms will spawn from quadrant 4, the far south eastern hemisphere which is currently unpopulated. This is to make sure that the new users don’t fall prey to the BETA participants.


In the tough time of COVID-19 pandemic and devastating havoc that the epidemic wrecked on the global economy.

To save the main street / economy from the abyss, central banks are injecting massive liquidity into the market and the central bank interest rates around the world plunged close to 0 or even below (negative interest rate in some places)

After all, we are living in an era where growth is hard and good returns scarce. Flooding money in the market with rock bottom interest rates and not so many invest worthy assets, people’s appetite for assets that produce healthy return seems to be growing fiercely.

For example, valuation of growth invest worthy stocks like Tesla, Amazon and of its ilk are skyrocketing. More or more money are desperate finding their way into alternative assets like real estates which can bring them higher return than traditional banks/industries at impasse.

For the last 3 weeks of public Beta, we’ve experimented with a new digital estate which can generate cash flow and open market to decide its property value.

Here’s what we’ve learned during the BETA.

Growing hemisphere

  • During the 3 weeks, about 6,000 kingdoms have joined the game
  • Average daily new kingdoms were about 300 and growing
  • Average daily active kingdoms were about 900 and growing

Reward stream

During the BETA, game has returned healthy 5,793 DAI as development rewards within the 20 days period.

According to an analysis by Contxt.io, an advisory firm specializing digital game assets, the average price for the 3,000 presold Lands was around $46.

Therefore, each Land on average, received 2.89 DAI and this translates to about 6% monthly return for pre-sale participants.

Land Price

During the 3 weeks, we have experienced somewhat remarkable changes in the price of Land tokens. The price appreciated 20x at its peak.

We think there was a FOMO and bit of overshooting which followed, but it was hard to deny that the digital assets’ value was grounded on logical calculation of its future cash flow and its in-game utility beyond mere irrational speculations.

❤️In conclusion, given its healthy return and price appreciation, we seem to finally find the asset that we all have been waiting for, the ‘LOKL’~ Don’t you agree? 😂😂



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