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The 1st presale wrap up & 2nd presale preview

Table of contents

  • 1st presale wrap up
  • Referral program
  • 2nd presale


The first Land presale took place from May 25th through June 1st. Despite the last-minute announcement and short marketing period, the first presale has sold out almost one day earlier than what is slated.

A total of 1,921 Land tokens is sold to 332 unique Ethereum addresses.

The Survival of the fittest

Looking at the presale result, we saw the economics at play. The race for the rarest and more lucrative Land tokens was indeed very fierce. It seems that the gamers and investors alike deemed the Lands leveled at 4 or higher, more valuable. It only took less than 6 hours to sell out all the available 4~6 leveled Lands. Interestingly, level 6 lands were sold out almost right away at the opening of the presale, leaving tens of failed transactions in the queue.

The time from the opening it took to finalize transaction:

  • Lvl 6: 2.7 min
  • Lvl 5: 11 min
  • Lvl 4: 5.6 hours

Savvy investors

Based on the digital asset analytics firm Contxt.io’s report on the first presale, 50% of the Land buyers are found to be seasoned NFT traders with experiences of trading NFTs since late 2018.

The majority of the users started investing/trading NFTs with game titles like GodsUnchained, Cryptokitties, and The Sandbox. Many are found to have monetized one or more NFTs quite handsomely in the past. Many were also found to still possess digital assets from Godsunchained and CryptoKitties.

The first and the last game

Whale Alert

The top 10 buyers out of 332 users turned out to be affluent whale investors, raking in about one-third of total Land tokens outstanding.

Through further research, we could identify few renowned names, including but not limited widely influential investment firms and individual investors who have experience of making lucrative profits from digital asset trading in the past with games like Decentraland.

Distribution of Land ownership

Discerning eyes and Jumbo alliances

Most zones have shrines at the center of its territory and Lands surrounding the shrines would more likely than not be more valuable than other locations, thanks to various campaigns and activities taking place there.

From the first presale, we could see many discerning investors securing those lion’s shares earlier than others. Another trend identified was many users joining alliances and buying in a large number of adjacent Lands, presumably to maximize the efficiency of their combined Land development efforts.

Shrine district and gigantic alliance territory


A new referral function has been added to the Land portal, where users can invite their friends to the upcoming second round of presale and get referral bonuses.


  1. Log in with your Ethereum wallet
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Find your unique referral URL and copy
  5. Share and invite friends to presale via the URL

You can share your 🔗own unique URL to invite new users. When these new users participate in our 2nd round via the link, you will get referral bonuses in crystals.

URL example)

💎Level of Land / # of crystal bonuses💎

Lv6 / 900 x💎
Lv5 / 500 x
Lv4 / 300 x
Lv3 / 200 x
Lv2 / 100 x
Lv1 / 50 x


The 2nd presale will start on 5th June at UTC 00:00.
A total of 5,130 Land tokens will be made available and a 20% discount will be applied. After the presale, there will be no main sale scheduled in the foreseeable future.

Another update is the purchase quantity limit that will be applied exclusively to Level 6 Lands. On the first presale, All the Level 6 Lands went to the only handful of lucky investors. Two users snatched12x level 6 Lands and there were only 5 available thereafter. Given the lessons learned, we thought it would be fair to give more chances to the other less fortunate prospective landlords.

For the 2nd presale, the users are limited to checkout up to 4x LV6 Lands at a time. After the purchase of the 4, the user may purchase more based on availability.



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