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Everything you need to know about Drago Genesis

Drago Price & Genesis Minting Rule

  • 80 LOKA (Regular x Regular parents)
  • 240 LOKA (Legendary x Regular parents)
  • 400 LOKA (Legendary x Legendary parents)

Choosing a regular parent: Two parts of the same elemental type guaranteed.
Choosing a legendary parent: One legendary part guaranteed. Two parts of the same elemental type guaranteed.

A Drago from Regular x Regular parents can still have legendary parts!!

How to MINT in Drago Genesis Sale

  1. Access: https://leagueofkingdoms.com/genesis
    (Will open on the sale date)
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Choose two Drago parents of your choice
  4. Once you choose two Drago parents, they will show up in the parent selection window with other details, ie costs.
  5. You breed and sign the breeding transaction.
  6. Breeding in progress…
  7. Tada! Your Drago egg is now minted!
  8. You can either trade it as an egg or hatch the egg to meet your Drago!
(Genesis minting UI. Please note that some of the numbers are just a place holder)

Parts In terms of Gameplay

Drago is all about it’s parts.

  • A part consists of four aspects:
    Appearance / In-game stats / Elemental bonus / Whether it’s Legendary or not.
  • Also parts are not tradable. Every Drago comes in with 7 full parts.
  • What matters is whether the Drago has a legendary part, and how many it has.

Legendary part: Legendary part multiplies the entire Stats by a certain amount. Having multiple legendary parts increases this value incrementally.

Elemental bonus: Having multiple parts with the same elemental type increases the elemental bonus. For example, If you choose, Fire Legenary + Fire Regular parent, 4 fire parts are guaranteed, drastically increasing the Fire bonus.

In-Game stats (Buff) : Each elemental part has a consistent theme of buff, shown on the table below. The specific buff will be randomly picked at the Genesis minting.

(The Genesis Drago will first be obtained as an egg. You can trade it as an egg or hatch it at any time!)

P2E & Contents

Ways to earn DST

A player with Drago can obtain ‘DSA (Dragon Soul Amber)’ in several different in-game contents.

DSA can be minted as ‘DST (Dragon Soul Token)’.
DST can be earned from following activities:

  • Daily Quest: DSA can be earned in Daily Quests, if you own Drago.
  • DSA Mine: Drago can be sent out to harvest DSA in DSA mines with the troops.
  • Drago Arena (TBD): The arena for Drago to fight on it’s own against other player’s Drago, without any help from the troops.
  • Magdar rally (TBD): Send out the Drago on a fight against Magdar to earn DST

Ways to spend DST

  • Breeding: 1 Drago can be bred up to 7 times. $DST cost will increase when the Drago is bred multiple times. Breeding cost of $DST and LOKA is listed in our whitepaper.
  • Upgrading Drago Lairs: Lairs will be just like the normal buildings. It can be upgraded up to level 30.
    Level 1 Lair can house up to 4 Dragos at the same time, while level 30 Lair can accommodate up to 20 or more Dragos.
  • Drago Training: Drago will gain experience points when mining DSA. A Drago will get more experience points when the Drago mines more DSA .
  • Drago Dungeon (Soon): Drago will go on a field trip with $DST in a picnic box. It will return with in-game items.

Drago Genetics

Drago Genetics is about inheriting the parts.

  • Each part has the dominant gene and the recessive gene.
  • The dominant gene is the appearance, stats, element that is shown in the part.
    The recessive gene is the same that is hidden behind.
  • At the time of breeding, a part can inherit either a dominant gene or a recessive gene.
  • the dominant gene and the recessive gene don’t have any difference in stats.

Parts In terms of P2E: STAKING LOKA

You can stake LOKA on your Drago to increases the efficiency of Drago in mining DSA (Dragon Soul Amber).

  • Having legendary parts will increase the LOKA staking capacity for Drago.
  • The Genesis Drago will increase extra LOKA staking capacity as well!
(Image from our beloved fan @carola)

Chimeric fusion

Chimeric fusion is a way to upgrade your Drago stats.

  • You will choose one Drago to upgrade and another Drago to consume.
  • When the Chimeric fusion is successful, Drago’s overall in-game stats will increase!
  • When the Chimeric fusion fails, you will earn DST instead.

Rental System

  • There will be a web page for the Drago rental system.
  • The one who rents out the Drago can set the proportion of share of DSA earned. (i.e. 3:7, 4:6, etc)
  • Rental system will facilitate the operation of P2E guilds scholarship program, but also it can be utilized in the transaction between individuals.


😍 WHEN❗ :
a) Whitelist Round: May 30th — May 31st UTC 00:00 (1 day)
b) Guild Round: May 31st — June 1st UTC 00:00 (1 day)
C) Public Round: June 1st — June 8th 00:00 (7 days)

🥰 WHERE❗ :https://leagueofkingdoms.com/genesis
😘 HOW❗ :

*Drago economy, gameplay, and details are subject to changes and adjustments.

Don’t forget to check the medium post as well: Drago Genesis Sale

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The LOKA will be utilized as the currency inside the League of Kingdoms game franchise for all in-game store purchases, such as purchasing packages, skins, and goods. Additionally, the LOKA token will act as an NFT booster to create, upgrade, and acquire special NFT assets, including but not limited to Drago and Skin NFTs. The token will be also used to propose and vote on on-chain governance proposals to determine future features, policies, content, and/or parameters of the game. Last but not least LOKA tokens can also be earned by playing the in-game competition and/or achieving special tasks — for example after each Continent vs. Continent (CvC) battle, winners will be rewarded with LOKA tokens (and potentially rarer NFT item rewards) depending on the performance during the battle.

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