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Deep dive into the amazing blockchain continent

Table of contents

  • Continent Overview
  • Congress
  • Shrines


Genesis continent is the continent where the epic of League of Kingdoms will unfold. The continent is the first and last League of Kingdoms continent that can be owned by users. Through the unique ‘coordinate ownership’ system, the owner of the genesis coordinate will own all the Lands located in the same coordinates on any newly minted continents in the future.

“Why mint more continent?”

Often time on strategy games, users quickly fill up the available spaces in a world. When there is no longer any good space for new users to start their kingdom, the game will mint a new continent to accept those new users.

Genesis continent owners will be informed of any such decision in advance. They will be able to oversee another Land on the newly minted continent.

“What is the level of Land on a new continent?”

The newly minted lands with the same coordinate will carry the same Land level as the one that is initially purchased.

For example, if you bought a Lv3 Land token from the presale, your second Land on a new continent will start at Land Lv3.

On the genesis continent, there are made of 64 zones (8x8, each consisting of 1024 Land tokens) and 65,536 Land tokens. Each and every patch of the LAND will be an NFT. Each LAND house up to 16 kingdoms. If there are other artifacts like Sanctum(Shrines), mines, forests, etc., the capacity may be smaller. In other words, given a kingdom is the smallest unit in the continent, each LAND is a 4x4 scale.


The congress is located at the center of the entire continent. Congress will play two pivotal roles at a high level: Governance & Special contests.

  • Governance: The concept of congress will be the lion share of the LoK governance mechanism. There will be utility token for blockchain voting and it will elect leadership board that will make the governing decisions of the continent and the game ecosystem.
  • Special Contests: There will be special contests centered around the congress. Alliances will compete to win the contest. There may be various valuable gifts, rewards, and bounty for the winning alliances.

Congress is also the fifth and last layer of the 5 core layers of the LoK ecosystem. More detail will be covered in an article dedicated to introducing the ‘Congress system’.


On the heart of central 36x zones stand ancient towers with magical ‘world stones’ glowing on top of them. These august architectures are called ‘Shrines’.

These shrines were originally built to create a line of defense and cast magical spells to protect congress from monster invasions during the ancient war of heroes.

Occasionally, various special contests and campaigns will be held on the Shrines over a certain duration (few days to a week). These events will be announced in advance for the alliances to prepare resources and hone in their battle powers.

“What would the winner of the events get?”

The winning alliance of the campaign will occupy the shrine until the next campaign.

Shrines have special magical properties derived from its magical ‘World Stone’ in order to create a stronger barrier. These magical properties will also boost the power and productivity of the victorious alliance and its fellow kingdoms. Also, shrines closer to the center (congress) will possess more powerful magical powers.

Thanks to the magical buff and the reputation for winning these legendary campaigns, many alliances will strive to locate themselves closer to these shrines. Kingdoms that are situated in vicinity to the shrines will have strong advantages of being able to deploy troops quickly and effectively.

“Would it be safe to assume that the Lands closest to the shrine are the best in each zone?”

Not necessarily.

Though we cannot ignore the edge of being closer to Shrines, there is a flipside to it. The shrines themselves sit on the Land tokens itself. For instance, it’s four columns will take one space each for four Lands. Therefore, these four Lands will have one slot less than most other Lands, with their one slot pre-occupied by the shrine.



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