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LoK newsletter Volume №004


  • Advanced Research
  • Spymaster
  • CvC Tournament
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Creators


A new advanced research tech tree will be introduced.

You will be able to start the research as long as your kingdom castle level is 23 or above. The advanced research can be found on the Academy building as a third tab.


A brand new feature to send special scout missions will be added to the watchtower. You can search for rare resource sites and monsters.

A new button will be added to the watchtower UI.


A new tournament rule for Continent vs. Continent will be unveiled for the June CvC.

After community discussion, we’ve decided to hold a tournament with a loser’s Repechage. The earlier matches before the final won’t have any casualties (unless you have full hospital). The draft version of the tournament fixture is presented below.

More details are to be determined and announced in the coming weeks.
*The CvC for May 10th will be as is, taking place on the old battlefield island


Fed up with the fluctuating gas fees when you claim your development reward in the form of DAI?

Good news has arrived!

For the upcoming patch, you will be able to choose between DAI (Ethereum) and BUSD (BSC) for claiming development rewards stacking on your Land NFTs. The gas fee required to claim will be capped at 1 BUSD, so you won’t have to wait for your DAI rewards to accumulate up to the amount which to cover the transaction costs anymore.

How about some yield farming on the BSC farms?


During April and May, two new continents were added to the game.

Continent 7 and 8 are the new continent that is being populated with brave new kingdoms seeking adventures!

The user growth is sustainable and accelerating. We hope the development reward pool will also grow as these new territories are launched.


The creator’s section came back to this issue of ‘the Landlords’ newsletter!

This cool youtube creator, Pandapops has started featuring LoK!
This talented youtube creator specializing in Crypto related content already has more than 1.3K subscribers and counting. We love all of her content and want her to create more content on the LoK!


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