Are you ready for LeagueDAO’s Fantasy Football Mega League?

Jake Craven
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4 min readJul 6, 2022


The 2022 Football Season is around the corner and we have the Fantasy league you wan’t to be a part of.

LeagueDAO is excited to announce the launch of our season-long Play to Earn (“P2E”) fantasy football league, The Mega League.

We took a familiar game that people know and love and made it a lot more fun.

Unique Features

The Mega-League Division Hub

In 2021 we launched V1 of our tokenized fantasy sports game, the Nomo Keeper League. After the end of the NFL season we worked with our community to identify how we could take LeagueDAO Fantasy Football to a whole new level. What resulted is the Mega League, a season-long fantasy football platform that takes the original game and adds weekly head to head matchups, greater scalability, improved features, and better design to improve the user experience.

Here are some of the key features of the Mega League:

  • Simplified league sign-up process — join the league in a few easy steps. Just purchase a LeaguePass and redeem the pass to official join the mega league.
  • Hassle-free league/division coordination — Each team is assigned to a division with 11 other team owners. Each division is a part of the larger Mega League.
  • Weekly Head to Head Matchups — Face off against another team in your division each week. The team that scores the most points during the week is the winner. Weekly Head to Head records determine which teams advance to the playoffs in weeks 16 and 17.
  • Live draft — Live online snake draft where each team gets 20 picks to build up their roster of LeagueDAO player tokens. There is also an auto-draft feature in case you can’t participate in the live draft
  • Easy Lineup Management — Manage your roster in a few clicks, stake your players to move them from your bench to the starting lineup.
  • Free Agent Marketplace— We’ve built our own marketplace where you can use $LEAG tokens bid on free agents throughout the season.
  • Peer to Peer Player Trades — Swap players with other managers in your division.
  • Fantasy-relevant live scoring and statistics — Stay up-to-date with official stats, news, and injury updates.
  • Fantasy Playoffs — During week 16 and 17 the top 4 teams in each Division will compete in a single elimination playoffs. The winner of the week-17 championship match will be crowned the Division Champion.
  • No Ads — We don’t make money serving ads on the platform, plain and simple.

What you’re competing for…

Lastly, one of the biggest differences you will notice are the rewards, there are three different tiers of prizes you will compete for in the Mega League

  1. Weekly Rewards — Each team will earn weekly rewards, paid in LEAG erc-20 tokens, according to how their players perform. However, instead of everyone getting to claim their team’s rewards at the end of the week, the teams that win their head 2 head matchup will get to claim 2x the rewards allocated to their team for the prior week.
  2. Division Championship — Each winner of the Division Playoff will earn the Division Champion Prize. Paid in DAI.
  3. Mega-League Champions — The Division Champions with the highest total points score for the whole season will earn the Mega-League Prize. The top 10 eligible teams earn a share of the prize. Paid in DAI.

It’s time to ditch old season-long platforms

There are even more features in store for LeagueDAO, and we hope that you will continue to support us as we grow.

Purchase a LeaguePass on LeagueDAO starting Wednesday July 20th, to see for yourself.

I’d encourage you to join the Mega League and start playing this season. It only takes a few minutes to sign up, you’ll wonder why you ever played on the old platforms at all!

If you’re a project or community and are interested in partnering with LeagueDAO reach out via twitter or in our discord.

The LeagueDAO community is here to ensure that you have a fun and fulfilling 2022 fantasy football season, and will be around to help if you have any questions with your leagues.

Game on!

Jake (@craven_je)

Co-founder of LeagueDAO

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