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The Genesis League: Week 9 Roundup

Welcome back to The Genesis League’s weekly roundup. The NFL season is officially halfway over and teams are starting to show their true colors. Some squads started out hot and have tapered off while others are solidifying their identities as competitors or contenders. As for fantasy team owners, it’s just about the same: some folks have been killing it all season, while others started out slow and are rolling their wheels now. Don’t forget about those who started out 4–0, thought they’d run through the league, and are now on a 5-week losing streak…Definitely not talking about myself. 😒

Over halfway done, it was a quieter than usual week 9 but still plenty to rave about. Check it out!


Following a few unusual and inconsistent performances, Justin Herbert came back to form with a strong game in the Chargers win versus the Philadelphia Eagles. The game came down to the wire but Herbert and company managed to hold on 27–24 thanks to a game-winning field goal. The LAC QB was locked in, throwing for 356 yards and adding 3 touchdowns. Those are the numbers folks have become accustomed to seeing from Herbert. He’s only 1 step away from being in the conversation for best QB in the league, and I’m confident he’ll make that leap soon enough.

Other quarterbacks who made their mark in week 9 were Lamar Jackson and Kirk Cousins. Jackson managed to shake off a slow start in the first half and dialed up his intensity in the second; he threw 2 touchdowns in the second half alone while showing his killer ground game, racking up 120 rushing yards. Overall, Lamar Jackson finished with 266 passing yards, 120 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Overcoming early mistakes, his leadership and drive helped push the Ravens’ comeback for another overtime win thanks to Justin Tucker’s field goal. Kirk Cousins had himself a solid showing as well. The veteran QB had an efficient game, throwing for just 187 yards yet completing 3 touchdown passes. Great showing from all these quarterbacks.


It’s always some familiar faces in the running back heroes discussion. Week 9 featured some gigantic games amongst running backs, and it’s difficult to say who was the best. Jonathan Taylor continued his dominance this season in a win over the Jets, the back had 172 yards and 2 touchdowns. Nick Chubb returned and looked unstoppable in the Browns win over the Bengals, recording 137 yards and 2 touchdowns. It’s even more impressive when you consider Baker’s lacking as a deep threat and everyone knows the Browns are running the ball. Doesn’t matter though — Chubb made his mark. On the flip side, Joe Mixon did his best to match Chubb’s effort in the Bengals’ loss, going for yards and 2 touchdowns. Though Chubb got the best of their matchup, you can’t deny either sides talent and grit.

A not so familiar face may have had the best performance amongst running backs in week 9 — James Conner had the best game of his life on Sunday. The newly signed Arizona Cardinal ran for 96 yards and 2 touchdowns while also receiving 77 yards and another touchdown. Conner combined for 173 total yards and 3 touchdowns for the Cardinals. Conner’s personal history of dealing with Lymphoma in the past and nearly having his football career taken away going to hulk-like performances in the NFL is incredible. Kudos for a standout game from a real fighter.


We usually see wide receivers poppin’ off every week but there weren’t as many major performances in week 9. Devonta Smith, Marqueis Brown, and Cooper Kupp stood out from the pack. Smith had a big game for Philly, hauling in 116 cards and 1 touchdown. Inconsistent at times, Smith is finding his foot in the NFL. I’m sure he’s out to show everyone that smaller stature won’t slow him down, and there’s a reason he won the Heisman — expecting more big games from Devonta in the future. Marqueis Brown made timely plays for the Ravens on Sunday, snagging 9 receptions for 116 yards. Despite no touchdowns, Brown had his fingerprints all over Sunday’s win for the Ravens. Lastly, Cooper Kupp kept up his brilliance this season with 11 receptions for 95 yards. Everyone knows Kupp is Stafford’s number 1 target yet defenders still can’t stop him. Kupp is the real deal and everyone knows it.


Finally, there was some action in the tight end space this week! George Kittle had himself his best game of the season for San Francisco, tallying 101 yards and a touchdown. Despite the loss, Kittle showed his toughness in the game. Travis Kelce had a solid showing as well, recording 68 yards and a touchdown. The Chiefs offense looks all out of sorts and Mahomes has been struggling lately. It’s tough for Kelce to be as dominant when the entire engine isn’t running like it’s used to.


  • The Bengals dropped their second game in a row after a doozy versus the Jets. Burrow looked depleted, threw 2 picks, and the Bengals got blown out 41–16 by the Browns. Take the L.
  • The Chiefs BARELY managed to secure a win versus the Aaron Rodger-less Packers on Sunday. They won the game 13–7 and continue to struggle on both sides of the ball. Is this who they are at this point in the season? When you have Pat Mahomes, it’s hard to be written off. But even he hasn’t looked all that great. Tough times ahead for Kansas City.
  • The Bills-Jaguars game was as bad as they come; the Jaguars managed to win the game despite scoring 0 touchdowns. How? Well, the Bills scored none either. The final score of the game was 6–9…. Nice.


The best performances from the week came from the running backs as previously mentioned. It’s also worth noting the Patriots secured another win, moving to 5–4 on the season and vying for a playoff spot. I’m loving me some Mac Jones.

Another note — the Miami Dolphins’ and New England Patriots defensive teams were incredible in week 9. Both squads held their opponents to under 10 points and each had 3 interceptions. It’s time to show some love on both sides of the ball.


Don’t forget about LeagueDAO’s NFT, CryptoFantasy! Week 4 has passed and there were all new winners!

The top scorer in week 4 had a team with Jonathan Taylor, Teddy Bridgewater, Justin Jefferson, Cooper Kupp, and Nick Chubb. Talk about a stacked deck right there — congrats to them! The 5th place squad featured Taylor and Jefferson as well, with Cordarelle Patterson pushing em’ over the edge to snag the victory. The low scoring winners had teams with Aaron Rodgers and players on the IR. As for the lowest scorer, the winner of being bad scored a whopping 1.4 points! Incredible — I think my gym teacher would have managed more. That’s the best part of CryptoFantasy — it pays to suck. For the IR winner, they were lucky to have Jonathan Taylor to carry the load.

Team 515 was the high scorer for the week, and Team 3312 was the low scorer. In the end, both squads are winners.


As always, find the latest points leaders and standings in The Genesis League below. This week’s league leader in points scored was Team Skeet with 169 points. NICEEEEEEE. A meme-able figure and 10k? Talk about a dub.



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