Custom Abstractions Tracks: “I’m new to coding”

I’m super proud of the lineup we’ve put together for Abstractions. It’s full of incredible sessions across a diverse set of topics and skill levels. It can be intimidating, however, so this article is the first in a series of building custom tracks for some different “user personas” that may attend Abstractions.

(Series? lol, like that’ll happen. Let’s admit now that this is probably gonna be the only one that gets written).

This post will focus on a lineup for someone that is new to code. Please note that the schedule is subject to changes prior to the event.


“Today? The conference hasn’t even started yet!”

That’s a good point, newbie. Counterpoint: the conference has already started. We’ve got a bustling Slack team, great conversations going on over Twitter, and a whole new city to learn about. Get involved now and meet some of the wonderful people that will be attending Abstractions.


“Really? We **still** don’t get to talk about the actual schedule?”

I don’t like your attitude. I’m trying to help here. Anyways…

Hopefully you’re settling in to Pittsburgh and enjoying your surroundings. Have you checked into the hotel? Met some of the people that are attending tomorrow? Pre-registered in the hotel lobby? These are all smart things to do to make the most out of tomorrow.


“Now I’m ready to learn!”

That’s the spirit! Did you listen to my advice about pre-registering yesterday? If not, be sure to visit the registration table before the event to collect your name badge and gift bag. Then join us all at the Abstractions stage for the first talk. Abstractions features 6 plenary sessions where everyone will be watching a single presenter in our main auditorium. Each day starts and ends with one of these sessions. You’ll also notice that there are no formal lunch breaks. You’re going to have to make the call on missing one of the talks scheduled over lunch, but we’ve built in so much content you won’t feel bad.

9:00 AM — Abstractions Stage

Joe Armstrong “OK We’ve Had Our Fun Now Let’s Get Serious”

Great “Call to Arms” for making better software.

10:00 AM — “More Distractions” Area

“Yoga for Engineers”

Get it in your head early that all of the sessions are not about sitting in a room and hearing a lecture.

11:00 AM — Domain Stage

Rachel Krantz “Why we need to bring back the apprenticeship, and how to make it happen”

11:50 AM — Domain Stage

Luke Westby “Friendly Functional Programming For The Web”

12:40 PM — Domain Stage (3x COMBO FOR DOMAIN STAGE)

Heidi Waterhouse “The Kids Are Going To Be 200 OK”

12:50 PM

Lunch break. Meet someone new and go to lunch with a group.

2:10 PM — Domain Stage

Erika Carlson “Sunlight & Air: 10 Lessons for Growing Junior Developers”

OR take a later lunch and do

2:30 PM — Compiler Stage

Lyza Danger Gardner “Everyone Else is So Clever”

3:00 PM

Check out sponsors: they may be hiring. Hang out in lounge areas: you may meet a new friend

4:15 PM — Element Stage

Michelle Noorali; Adam Reese “Back Up Your Life”

5:10 PM — Builder Stage

Mike Monteiro “Let Us Now Praise Ordinary People”

6:15 PM — Abstractions Stage

Scott Hanselman “JavaScript and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine”

7:30 PM

Just a Minute — Semifinals (Eastern Division)


I’m tired already!

Same. You’re just reading it. Imagine typing it. Medium will STILL say it only takes 2 minutes to read.

9:00 AM — Abstractions Stage

Allison Randal “Free Software, Free Society”

10:10 AM — Compiler Stage

Lara Schenck “Why the Designer Failed Fizzbuzz”

11:00 AM — Element Stage

Garret Wassermann “What Every Developer Needs to Know About Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure”

11:50 AM

Lunch! Different time today to meet a different crowd

1:30 PM — Framework Stage

Jack Moffett “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

2:20 PM — Framework Stage

Emily Gorcenski “A Walled Garden in the Desert: Quality and Security Issues in the IoT”

3:25 PM —Domain Stage

Chris Geihsler “Make The Big Change … One Small Change at a Time”

4:15 PM — Framework Stage

Chris Roberts “The Why, How, and What of Human-Centered Design”

5:10 PM — Framework Stage

Deb Nicholson “Handle Conflict like a Boss”

6:15 PM — Abstractions Stage

Jeffrey Zeldman “Has the Fun Gone out of Web Design?”


“I never want this to end!”

Me neither, kid. Me neither.

9:00 AM — Abstractions Stage

Laurie Voss “npm Past, Present and Future”

10:10 AM — Element Stage

Tracy Osborn “Writing So Your Words Are Read”

11:00 AM — Domain Stage

Joseph Mastey “Building a (Self-Sustaining) Culture of Learning”

11:50 AM — Builder Stage — REQUIRED FOR NEWBIES

Sean Griffin “Anatomy of a Great Pull Request”

12:00 PM — Food Kiosk

Quick lunch today because some great sessions at this time for you.

1:30 PM — Element Stage

Sean Kelly “Don’t Fear Failure”

2:30 PM

Maybe some time to get more snacks and hit the hallway track after the shorter lunch.

3:25 PM — Domain Stage

Heidi Waterhouse “The Seven Righteous Fights”

4:20 PM — Compiler Stage

Jono Bacon “Building a Community Exoskeleton”

5:10 PM — Builder Stage

Saron Yitbarek “Lucky: Examining the Barriers of Contributing to Open Source”

6:15 PM — Abstractions Stage

Richard Stallman “Free Software and Your Freedom”


“Sunday?! I’m already on the plane back home!”

Follow your new friends on Twitter. Open a bunch of tabs with things you want to learn. Write a blog post reflecting on your ideas. Look at the next conference you want to attend. Keep growing. Keep learning. Code & Supply loves you. Thank you for coming to our event.