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One (more) factor making TalentLMS distinct

On October 5th 20017 at Starttech Ventures incubation space in Athens we celebrated the 5th anniversary of the TalentLMS commercial launch in October 2012.

The journey of TalentLMS has marked several milestones of utmost importance to our ecosystem. This is not however only because of the platform’s commercial and economic success, but also for a much more significant and important reason.

What has made TalentLMS truly distinct both in our network and generally in the market that it competes, is that, thanks to Thanos’ leadership, it abided from day zero to the rule that “your product is not ‘the product’, your product is the (entire) ‘business model”.

This principle may sound simple, yet, trust me, it is not at all. Most creators around the World have the tendency to focus on their creation (‘the product’), often somewhat falling in love with it, and forgetting that in order for their very own creation to get a life of its own, it does have to be based on a sustainable business model.

This phenomenon s very well described in the book “Running Lean” by Ash Maurya (which is actually book #3 in the to-be-published Starttech Ventures’ acceleration curriculum and can of course be found in our library).

The photo below form this book provides a nice summary of this principle.

So, once more, warmest congratulations to Thanos and all of the team Epignosis who managed to offer us such an outstanding, world-class example of successfully implementing this principle, resulting to great success.

Never, then, forget the following:

Neither your product is ‘the product’, nor of course any other single component of the business model. A holistic approach is compulsory in case one wants to have chances for success.



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