4 Ideas for Successful Social Media Marketing

#3 Pinterest is actually underrated

Louis Petrik
Jul 18, 2020 · 5 min read
Social Media Marketing
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Social media has become omnipresent.

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are all platforms we no longer know just by hearing.
But they are not only suitable for presenting and expressing ourselves, for informing and exchanging information, they are also a meaningful stage for brands that want to reach more and/or the right people.

In Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, Gary Vaynerchuk presents strategies for brands that want to start with working on social media, that actually work.

Here are 4 of my favorites ideas from the book, which key message could be:

Social media has become essential for modern brands — but it depends on the platform itself what content should be offered there. There is no “one size fits all”, for the internet.

1. Provide Amazing Content — And Optimize It

With the age of new media, we as consumers have also become more self-determined. We no longer have to watch several advertising clips on television while waiting for the actual program to continue. While there are still advertising videos and ads that are shown to us everywhere, there are also ad blockers.
All in all, pull marketing has become stronger, as it is easier than ever to specifically target consumers on the internet.

Pull marketing, in contrast, to push marketing, as television commercials are, means that an advertisement or product is not simply imposed on a large mass of people, but that potential consumers are attracted to the product and convinced by their own interest, e.g. a google search request.

That’s why a great way to convince people of your product is not necessarily a short advertisement that directly appeals to emotions and tries to convey the most important information in seconds, but appealing content that consumers read voluntarily and that contains enough information for a meaningful purchase decision.

Content can occur in different ways

  • For example, content can classically be an informative landing page for a product or service. If it is well optimized, it can rank at the top of google and thus convert potential consumers without ongoing costs.
  • However, content marketing can also be done through a dedicated app, as Nike did with Nike+, for example. This offers consumers a benefit that they use voluntarily, and you can tie users to your brand in various ways — either by supplying them with products or by creating a brand feeling at the same time.

Content is worthless in the wrong context

The content you want to offer must be native to the platform you want to offer.
Every platform on the Internet, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest, has its own individual requirements for content.

A blurred and shaky picture is not likely to be well received by Pinterest, but with the right caption, it could be an absolute hit on twitter.
Also, you should not try to publish long texts on Instagram, for that you should rather use Facebook or your own website.

2. Facebook Is Not Dead

By 2012, Facebook already had over a billion users every month.
Facebook is also responsible for one-fifth of all website visits in the USA.
This is because Facebook is not only for individuals but also for businesses that want to offer information without having their own website & reach people on the internet.
The advantage of this is that Facebook reaches people directly and Facebook pages still have a very high google ranking.

To put ads on Facebook is not that expensive, not very difficult but incredibly well optimized. With Facebook ads, you can target and explore your own target group very precisely.

But Facebook newsfeed is extremely tailored to the interests of the users — and that can be a problem. So if you regularly like a friend’s posts that appear in your newsfeed, you’ll see them more often in the future.
That means marketers must be creative & create great content that encourages interaction.

3. Pinterest Is Underrated

Pinterest is one of the least complex platforms. And yet incredibly powerful, as it functions as one of the largest search engines in the world.
Not only on the platform directly people search for certain things, even if you just google something, some of the first results are also often from Pinterest.

You can enter handcrafting inspiration in the google picture search. Some of the first pictures that are shown are from Pinterest.

Pinterest for Marketing
Source: Pinterest

And from the pictures shown you can also see perfectly which style dominates at Pinterest. High-quality, detailed photos that appeal to the aesthetic consciousness work best. No wonder then that the majority of users are women.

Most of them look for inspiration and beauty there, which also explains why 79% of Pinterest users would rather buy a product there than on Facebook.

Pinterest is therefore ideal for long-term, organic reach for brands that offer high-quality products or that appeal to the aesthetic awareness of the user.

4. Twitter Can Provide Great Reach for Your Own Brand

Twitter has long since arrived in the middle of society. Formerly dismissed as a platform for all internet-addicted self-promoters, every politician, every company, and every institution now has a twitter page — and keeps its own followers up to date.

Even if you may not believe it, twitter is already the place to go for many people when they want to inquire about news from celebrities, politicians & organizations that come directly from official sources. A Twitter account can, therefore, be useful.

Moreover, Twitter is extremely fast-moving and the latest topics are actively discussed there. A good way to reach many people can be trend jacking.
By entering the public discussion as a brand, you can position yourself, build up your reach, and gain sympathy.

The current black-lives-matter movement, to which various companies have committed themselves on the internet and have expressed their support, is a good example.

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Lean Learnings

All the nuggets of all the good books you never got around to reading. Here are the most important learnings in just a few minutes

Louis Petrik

Written by

Finances, Programming & Psychology. Figuring out life, one idea at a time.

Lean Learnings

All the nuggets of all the good books you never got around to reading. Here are the most important learnings in just a few minutes

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